hitachi deskstar external hardrive problem

  bellarose 13:59 22 Apr 2009

Hello to all
my problem is i have a hitachi 250gb external hard drive it has been formatted to fats 32 as the hard drive goes into the multimedia case .
i made three files ie music video and photo i put one hundred albums onto the harddrive and some photos connected to the tv and all was fine .so i decided to put the rest of my albums onto the harddrive so i could have access to music without the laptop soon as i go over 8gig on music the hard drive will not insialize on the tv any help would be great


  bellarose 17:21 22 Apr 2009

It seems i have managed to confuse people with the way i have worded my problem sorry .i am actually conecting a portable multimedia hard drive to the tv .as for the tv it is a samsung lcd full hd any help would be much appreciated

  OTT_Buzzard 17:28 22 Apr 2009

Hi Bellarose,
what model Samsung TV is it?

  Woolwell 17:33 22 Apr 2009

Is it called a Wiselink on your Samsung?

My TV states that it will only support USB MSC and MP3 and Jpeg. Note that it also states that DRM files cannot be played.

  bellarose 17:34 22 Apr 2009

not to sure to be honest it is the one with the rose black surround other than that i can not remember.not much help i know .

  bellarose 17:40 22 Apr 2009

To be honest the fact i am connecting a external multimedia hard drive via the av connection i never thought it would effect how the tv responded i thought it would just channel through the tv for pics and such like and the fact it was up and running with music and pictures i did not think there would be a problem when i put the rest of my mp3 onto the hard drive .ann

  BRYNIT 19:01 22 Apr 2009

From the instruction manual.

Wiselink only supports the USB Mass Storage Class device (MSC). MSC is a Mass Storage Class
Bulk-Only Transport device. Examples of MSC are Thumb drives and Flash Card Readers (Both USB
HDD and HUB are not supported.)

Only MP3 and JPEG file formats are supported.
The Wiselink mp3 format only supports music files with a high sampling frequency (32 kHz, 44.1 kHz,
or 48 kHz).

  Woolwell 19:30 22 Apr 2009

bellarose states that connection is through the AV channel. I hadn't picked up that it is a multimedia case and the method of connection may be the problem but this is outside my experience.

  bellarose 19:43 22 Apr 2009

Thankyou to all that have tried to help
when i first bought this multimedia external hard drive it stated you can watch your mp4 or listen to your mp3 or view your jpegs on your tv via a av lead that you would connect such things as your camcorder etc .i though brilliant i did not realize that it would cause so much hassle .i am now unsure what to do

  Woolwell 20:06 22 Apr 2009

May help to give the make and model of the case.

  bellarose 22:15 22 Apr 2009

sadly there is no make on the hard drive case on the box it just says usb 2.0 multimedia hd player and the number is AO5GZ .sadly that is all the information i have .thanks ann

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