hissing sound from nowhere!

  moby58 12:29 24 Dec 2007

my laptop [fujitsu/vista] has started making the odd noise this morning,which i have never heard before.its not a warning noise or a bleep-its like a HISSING noise or hot air escaping noise is the only way to describe it!its only for half a second,and ive got no programmes running.ive had it on for a few hours,and its usually on all day.HELP!very strange...

  Gongoozler 12:45 24 Dec 2007

Is the noise like any of these click here. Especially listen to slow_spindle_motor.wav.

  moby58 07:53 28 Dec 2007

cant get that link to make any sounds.hasnt made any more noises,so thanks for taking the time to reply

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