Hiring professionals to build a website

  Revi 06:36 16 Mar 2003

I have a small business and I would like to entrust some professional to build the website for my Company. Obviously I would would take the cheapest quotation before assigning the job to anybody. But beside the price factor, what are the other essential things I must look into before plunging into action? For example there are some websites which take a lot of time to open – I would like my site to open fast. What else???

  Revi 09:20 16 Mar 2003


  -pops- 09:29 16 Mar 2003

You would take the cheapest quotation, then?

Remember that cheapest is seldom, if ever, the best and that quality comes at a price.

There are so, so many cheap and tacky web sites around, do you want yours to be one of them, or do you want something with a bit of class and distinction that people will bother to pay a second or third visit?

If you choose a designer with experience and knowledge, he/she will be able to direct you towards all the positive aspects of a well constructed site. This doesn't come from the cheap and inexperienced.

My son is in design and you should hear some of the comments he makes about naff websites - you can't want yours to be one of them, surely.


  Revi 09:33 16 Mar 2003

Thanks Brian it's an eye opener what you say.

  harristweed 09:35 16 Mar 2003

Most important by far - it is no use having the best designed, fastest web site if nobody looks at it. the site MUST be optimised to be found on search engines using relevant key words. No worse than in the top 20.

Make sure the site is easy to use - A personal dislike of mine is the ´click here´ for this ´click here´ for that type of site. It should be obvious what is a link.

Old IBM adage - White space sells

  Revi 09:39 16 Mar 2003

Great! acknowledged with thanks.

  Goldcroft 10:22 16 Mar 2003

Make sure you spend as much time as possible planning what you want. If you can write all the text yourself then do it. (Keep it brief. The PC screen is not ideal for reading pages full of dense text. Space is effective.) It will give you a framework. Plan out the structure yourself in advance. Though not a web designer or whatever I planned out one big site using post stickies on a large "wipe clean" wall board. You can move the stickies about. I then translated this onto a large sheet of paper. You are the expert in your business or knowing what you want from the site. The web designer is not. Don't let him or her sell you what he or she wants. By all means take advantage of their professional expertise - but it is your site.

Be very careful on pics etc. They may look good on screen, but take an age to come up. So many websites (even those for major companies and organisations) are triumphs of the web designers art, but useless in performing what one expects from a site: getting the home page on screen quickly and making transitions between pages fast and efficient.

To recap: above all, get what you want from a site clear in your own mind first and then make sure that you and the designer are on the same wavelength.

PS: Pops is right about low prices. But you needn't pay the earth!

  Revi 10:24 16 Mar 2003

^^ ^^

  Revi 10:24 16 Mar 2003

^^ ^^

  Revi 10:29 16 Mar 2003

Thanks for the tips!

  Eagie 10:45 16 Mar 2003

Find one or two websites that you like and that match your criteria for style/speed and write to the webmaster of those sites to find out who created them.

Another possible option is that if your local college or uni has a course covering website design you may be able to find a student prepared to do you a site for a reduced rate as part of their education. After all, unlike adog, a website is for christmas and not for life. (In other words, it can be changed if you don't like it!).

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