Hiper PSU R2 880W

  IClaudio 16:23 30 Nov 2008

I've just installed one of these beasts - what a beautiful piece of kit! It comes in a hard plastic toolbox, with dozens of adaptors for all kinds of connectors and a little mesh bag to keep them all in, and is complete with a shiny blue mesh casing, huge fan and a blue LED light.

One of the main reasons I went for this was the (unique, I think) provision of 8xUSB ports and a mobile/iPod charger on the rear plate.

Unfortunately, the USB ports don't seem to work correctly: the backlight on my USB keyboard lights up, but there is no key action, my other peripherals don't even respond.

Anyone else seen this?

  DieSse 16:36 30 Nov 2008

I presume you've plugged it into the correct place on the motherboard, and the wiring on the connectors matches (they're not all the same)?

  IClaudio 17:16 30 Nov 2008

Everything else (hard drives, DVD writers etc.) seem to work fine...

Hang on, surely I don't need to power the USB from the mobo? I assumed the PSU USB ports would be powered directly from that...

  ambra4 17:29 30 Nov 2008

You have to connect the USB header connector from the power supply unit to the USB header

connection on the motherboard before the USB ports will work

click here

  IClaudio 17:37 30 Nov 2008

I bow before your Google skills, which surpass mine ten-fold!

That's exactly what I want to know, thanks (and you can see what I mean about the sexiness of this kit...)

  ambra4 18:06 30 Nov 2008

Always glad to help


Tick box and click resolved

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