Hiper Media Micro ATX Case

  Gaz W 19:46 12 Mar 2005


I'm thinking of buying a Hiper Media Chassis to accommodate a cheap home theatre PC I'll be building. Here is a link: click here.

Does anyone have one of these? I need to know whether it will take a full size DVD-ROM drive instead of laptop drives, as I don't want to spend extra on a laptop drive.

Also, are there any Micro ATX motherboards (Socket A) that have onboard graphics with S-Video out and S/PDIF out?

I can't put an AGP graphics card in because then I'd have no room for my PCI TV card (Nebula DigiTV), and this case is ideal to fit under my TV. I'm not after brilliant performance, because I have my main PC.

The only boards I've seen with onboard graphics and TV out were composite video and it was either TV out OR S/PDIF.

I would appreciate any help someone could offer me. Thanks,


  SANTOS7 19:56 12 Mar 2005

click here
Opening it up, you can see the layout inside the case. There are two bracing bars that keep the back aligned. The back-left houses the PSU, and the front left a bay that will take a 3.5" hard drive and a laptop optical drive.
text taken from link........

  Gaz W 20:25 12 Mar 2005

Thanks SANTOS7 - that link was very useful. I like a lot of things about the case, but the laptop drive idea doesn't appeal to me too much since they cost more, I think. For now, it's only going to be a DVD-ROM anyway (I'll burn DVDs in my main PC) so hopefully that should keep costs down.

I notice in the link that it says, "Hiper also supply a 90-degree AGP riser board with the case, with PCI also available, so that you can mount a couple of expansion cards." Surely that's inaccurate as I can only see one space for an expansion card, EITHER an AGP card using the AGP riser card, OR a PCI card using the optional PCI riser card, or does another card fit over the motherboard's I/O ports?

This wouldn't matter if I could get a motherboard with onboard graphics with TV out AND S/PDIF of course, so if anyone knows of one please let me know!

Thanks again,


  Gaz W 20:30 12 Mar 2005

Actually when I look at the picture again and think about its depth - 5.3cm isn't a lot to play with, so there must only be space for the one expansion card. The case reminds me a lot of my old Amstrad, which is about 8cm-10cm deep and did have room for 2 expansion cards - ISA of course, LOL!

  Rayuk 20:45 12 Mar 2005

Remember looking at this once when I was considering an sff any use to you?
click here

  Gaz W 21:40 12 Mar 2005

Hi, thanks for that link. It looks a good board but unfortunately it looks like I would still need an AGP graphics card to have any TV out facility. It's looking like either a different case or a different motherboard :(

I know VIA EPIA motherboards all seem to have TV out, but then I'd have to use a VIA C3 processor, which I definitely don't want to do!

I'll keep looking around the motherboard manufacturers' websites anyway...

  Gaz W 14:17 13 Mar 2005

Have looked around the motherboard manufacturers' sites and still can't seem to find anything!

What I'm looking for is a Micro ATX motherboard with basically everything onboard: graphics, sound, LAN etc, but the graphics needs to have TV out (S-Video, not composite) and the sound needs to have S/PDIF out. Are there any boards that have these features?

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