HiJackThis online log analyser

  Sethhaniel 11:19 29 Jun 2006

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Most users run into serious problems dealing with HijackThis logs. That is why we have created this HijackThis log analyzer. It is a special service that will automatically analyze your HijackThis log in no time. You do not need to be a security expert - the analyzer will quickly check your log and clearly show, which entries are related to parasites and must be fixed. The analyzer is designed not only to save your time, but also to prevent you from corrupting your system and installed software.

Please feel free to post your log for analysis. The HijackThis log analyzer is a free service.

  VoG II 11:37 29 Jun 2006

IMHO it is much safer to let a human expert deal with HJT logs click here

The on-line checkers frequently come up with false positives for programs that are essential for the operation of your PC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:41 29 Jun 2006

A word of warning.

Some of these online analysers can be misleading and if they do not regonise a file in the log they will tell you to delete it.
Unfortunately this sometime leads to people deleting important files and their computer will not boot next time or a legimate program will not run.
So use with care.

  johndrew 11:55 29 Jun 2006

I have used this analyzer click here on several occassions to check and remove. Used with care and in conjunction with the forum click here where absolutely necessary I have found it a very good tool.

It can also give you confidence in the security of your system for a `normal` check.

The only shortcoming I have found is that some items are marked, effectively, as `not known` and if those who have the expertise were to add to the knowledgebase it would help enormously to minimise any risks of deleting necessary software or leaving `bad things`.

  Sethhaniel 13:43 29 Jun 2006

I know what and should not be in log - but may be a bit of help for those who use HiJackThis
and need bit of help ;)

  €dstowe 13:53 29 Jun 2006

"Been around computers so long I know what and should not be in log"

Hmmmm.... but you are recommending to others who might be less experienced.

One of my staff used a DIY log analyser and ended up with a non booting system as it had told him to remove an essential Windows system file.

Fortunately, he's worked for me long enough that I had drummed into him to always have an up to date backup so things weren't as bad as they could have been. Thinking more along those lines - wouldn't a restore from backup be better than messing around patching up a system using these removal tools?

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