hijacking of my email address

  bpzoom 21:23 25 Jun 2011

Windows 7 BT Broadband. Today, all my email contacts received an email from my email address which I had not sent. The message in this case appears to have been harmless, but very inconvenient and embarrassing. I have had to email hundreds to assure them I had not sent it. BT advised me to change my email password and security details. I use BT Yahoo email with a btinternet.com address. Can anyone advise if I should or indeed can do more, and does anyone have any advice on how such a hijack could have taken place.I am the only one who uses my email and my password.

  bremner 21:27 25 Jun 2011

The most likely explanation is that someone who has your email address in their address book has had their computer compromised and addresses copied.

There is a possibilty your account has been hacked but unlikely.

  rdave13 21:34 25 Jun 2011

Just make sure your password contains upper and lower case letters and characters. Make it memorable to you. Such as,


Mary had a little lamb etc. That's all you can do. As an addition you could change your password every month as an addition with something like '@june2012'.

  bpzoom 21:42 25 Jun 2011

Right. I always use alpha numeric passwords, and have changed the old one since this happened. I have run all the Spybot/antimalware/virus scans and all found nothing. Thank God there was no virus with the message. The subject was how much he liked his new Ipad and everyone should have one or something like that. It came from my first and last name and was addressed to Dear Friend.

  rdave13 21:46 25 Jun 2011

A spammer then. Just make sure of your password and that it also contains characters.

  Snrub 21:51 25 Jun 2011

I've received the occasional e-mail from an unknown sender using my own e-mail address which I didn't send. How can this happen?

  rdave13 21:54 25 Jun 2011


Same thing. Don't open and delete. If you open the email then that can confirm the email account is legitimate to the sender.

  v1asco 22:27 25 Jun 2011

Please excuse my ignorance but bpzoom says everyone in "his" address book has been sent an email, which suggests that someone has had access to his account, not a freinds.

Also,radave13, should 'Don't open and Delete' be Don't open but delete. A small point but if you've just been hit like bpzoom could be confusing.

Not trying to ruffle any feathers here,honest folks, just howI see it through my amatuerish eyes.

  rdave13 22:52 25 Jun 2011


"Don't open but delete" is quite correct. My most humble apologies for my abysmal command of the English language. Have been apologising for this since I joined the forum.

  robin_x 00:28 26 Jun 2011

Does preview count as opening? (as in Outlook, Thunderbird etc). Been wondering for ages.

I always try to right click and delete anyway, in case of accidental opening.

  rdave13 00:47 26 Jun 2011

If your email client is set to 'preview' it 'opens' the email and the sender will know if the email is opened to only the header. Different email clients have different rules depending on ISPs and other Email companies such as Horde, are tied to an ISP for a client.

Clear as mud I know but the best way of handling unwanted emails is deleting without opening.

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