Miros 07:41 07 Jun 2007

Having seen some members being accused of hijacking someone else's thread, I thought I would look up the ruling in the terms and conditions regarding the postings within PCA forums, I can find no reference to it hijacking.

Is it an unwritten rule? Can anyone enlighten me please?

  MAJ 07:46 07 Jun 2007

It has always been considered bad etiquette to 'hijack a thread', Miros, but on any forum I've ever used, it's considered no more than that. Most hijackings on this forum are usually unintentional.

  Miros 08:07 07 Jun 2007

OK, that's fine and I appreciate the reasoning behind it.

The only problem then is to determine what precisely is a hijack I would think any posting i.e. relating to the main subject, say asking for further clarification, directed to other possibly more informed members in general, but not directly to the originator who is possibly in the dark anyway, why else would they be asking in the first place? this in my book would not be a hijack.

I suppose this is at the end of the day purely a matter of opinion.

  Jackcoms 08:58 07 Jun 2007

"I can find no reference to it hijacking".

You obviously didn't look closely enough click here and look under 'Forum etiquette'; 'Thread hijacking'.

  Miros 09:57 07 Jun 2007

Thanks I did try and find that before I posted but failed. I actually looked here click here and couldn't see any reference to hijacking.

It is not unusual for me to miss things though, my wife often claims I am blind:-)

The reason I was asking about this is that I think it was suggested that I was hijacking a tread, having read your lead I would now say it wasn't so.

I had read that PDF file before but couldn't find it on this occasion, thanks again Miros.

  wee eddie 10:13 07 Jun 2007

in Speakers Corner. Threads frequently go off at a tangent.

To hijack a thread, you have to get the thread away from the Original Posters topic by adding one of your own. Expressing an interest is not Hijacking, changing the subject is.

It's actually more productive to start your own Thread.

  Miros 10:16 07 Jun 2007

Thanks, on the occasion in question I was asking for further clarification on the subject matter, so as you suggest it was not a hijack.

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