Hijacked? Malaware? Nothing so far clears it!!

  Horta 09:42 07 Sep 2006


Whilst closing several minimised IE windows I must have clicked on some damned popup within one of them and now I have an icon on the bottom toolbar which swicthes in appearance between a Stop sign and a question mark. A text box pops up from the toolbar with warning messages about impending doom and security risks. Clicking on the icon takes me to either "safetyathome" website of "Virusbuster" website and more sales gumph.

If I try to directly access the web (via IE) guess where I end up?! I've run MCAfee AV, SpyBot and Ad-Aware but still can't shift it.
Shouldn't a fully subscribed product like MCAffee have prevented it? I know that sometimes a free or shareware piece of software can be just as good as the high cost products but I'm a little miffed that after forking out ££'s for McAfee my system's been hijacked!.

If it's relevant it's an XP Home Edition.

I've tried finding other postings dealing with this but as I'm not sure exactly what it is I may have missed a previous answer, sorry if that's the case.

Any advice very gratefully received.


  VoG II 10:00 07 Sep 2006

Download Ewido Anti-Malware trial version click here

After it's downloaded and installed, it should automatically update itself; however, if it doesn't, you should do it manually. It should be set up like this...
Close ALL open Windows / Programs / Folders. Start Ewido and run a full scan.

Click on Scanner

Click on the Settings tab.

Under How to act?
Click on Recommended Action and choose Quarantine from the popup menu.

Under How to scan?
All checkboxes should be ticked.

Under Possibly unwanted software:
All checkboxes should be ticked.

Under Reports:
Select Automatically generate report after every scan and uncheck Only if threats were found.

Under What to scan?
Select Scan every file.

Click on the Scan tab.

Click on Complete System Scan to start the scan process.

Let the program scan the machine.

When the scan has finished:

Make sure that Set all elements to: shows Quarantine, if not click on the link and choose Quarantine from the popup menu.

At the bottom of the window click on the Apply all Actions button.

Right-click the Ewido Tray Icon and select Exit. Confirm by clicking Yes.

  Horta 21:16 07 Sep 2006

VoG, thanks for the information, much appreciated.

Some 34 files were found to be infected, most with low risk tracker cookies, but 2 were high risk, a "Hijacker.Agent.a" and ""DownloaderStream.y". All suitably dealt with. At least I can access the web by clicking on the IE icon, but the other icon on the toolbar remains and clicking on it sends me to the originally mentioned websites and shutting down any I may have opened directly with the IE icon. Any ideas?

  STREETWORK 21:22 07 Sep 2006

Run a spyware and adware program such as

spybot search and destroy and Lava Soft Adaware.

You should also run the following

CWShredder and hijackthis.

using hijackthis do not delete anything but save a log file. use this link to find out how to run hijackthis...
click here

  Horta 00:23 08 Sep 2006

Thanks (again) VoG and STREETWORK, I think I've eliminated it.

I ran Spynomore after I found an example click here of what I my pc was being affected with: a "ZLOB Trojan is an advertising trojan that installs secretly and starts generating pop-ups on the infected computer. Often, these pop-ups claim that the user's computer is infected and recommend a rogue product to remove the infection."

I now have the registered copy of Spynomore as well as previously installed Lava Soft Adaware and CWShredder added today, and in case of future problems: hijackthis. I've also got a renewed understanding of the need to be much more attentive towards running and updating these security features, something I'd got lazy at and falling into the trap of thinking McAfee (or any AV alone)would cover everything, dangerous assumption!


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