Riciamarn 12:11 20 May 2004

Running XP with PC-cillin antivirus & Adaware, we seem to have picked up a Trojan or virus. Home page keeps changing, default search engine keeps coming up as 'netsearch' & Adaware keeps finding 'roing', which we keep deleting. It's causing pop ups {despite having pop up stopper} adding new stuff {like gambling/sex sites} to the favourites & driving us completely mad.Have turned off System Restore, run Ad-Aware & Spybot but just can't get shot of the damn thing! Spybot now tells me it's found 'DSO Exploit 3 Entries' & if I re-start the PC it might be able to delete them. I have re-started it & it just won't get shot of them. I'd appreciate some more help if you or anyone can please? I still have 'roings' & 'netsearch' - are they all related? I wonder if there is a link to an un-installer?

  Graham ® 12:17 20 May 2004

Have a look here click here

  Zion_Lion 13:18 20 May 2004

Hi mate, you could try this... go here click here

and download HighJack This (HJT) and the CWShredder.

goto and read/copy the HJT log tutorial that tells you how to use HJT at click here

If you find the tutorial to much and are unshure (but i think you'll find it ok) you can always save a HJT log and post it, also items that you fix with HJT are backed up so if you do have a problem after fixing an item you can always restore it and seek further advice. I have used HJT a few time on mine and friends pc's and its got rid of all the browser highjacks.
As long as you understand the HJT log tutorial you will be fine, but like I said if you find yourself unsure save a HJT log (it saves it as a notepad file) and post it. I dont see many HJT log posts in this forum (there probably are) but if I or anyone else can help we will, a good security site to post HTJ logs is click here

One more thing, CWShredder is easier to use as when you open it just click on fix (bottom right) and it will run a check and fix anything it finds automatically.
Anyway hope this helps mate
Regards ZL

  Riciamarn 20:12 23 May 2004

Thanks for your help, still haven't been able to get shot of this thing & so am asking a friend to pop over this week to have a look.

Thanks again.

  mammak 20:37 23 May 2004

Hi Riciamarn dito same problem as your self'
got rid of everything with spybot but my home page still changes to "netsearch"
what really sickend me was it was bad enough finding those awful adult site's in my own favourite's
but finding them on my 7 year old childs fav's was the limit'
but i dont suppose those scum bags care about that eh! Regards and in hope we at some point rid our selfs of these awful intrusions on our home comps .Mammak

  Zion_Lion 23:24 23 May 2004

Have you ran downloaded and run the CWShredder and Hijack This??

  Zion_Lion 23:27 23 May 2004


  Riciamarn 10:55 24 May 2004

I did & then a friend offered to come over this week, he reckons he's spent ages sorting out other people's computers over the last few months & so I've decided to leave it to him.

Thanks folks.

  Zion_Lion 20:57 24 May 2004

Ok mate... let me know what you do to fix it plz, also if you have problem using HJT let me know... have fun!
Regards ZL

  standing bull 12:17 25 May 2004

i also have this pain in the ----! it wont let me download hijack this or cwshredder,any more ideas please

  standing bull 18:13 26 May 2004

tried cwshredder and most of the others,finished up getting manual removal instructions from macnet.its gone at last!!!!!!

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