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  dogbreath1 08:51 11 Jun 2005

I'm not too hopeful on this one, but does anyone know how to highlight various bookmark entries in Firefox. I have hundreds of 'em and some I refer to frequently. To find these entries more quickly, I use asterisks in the site name at the moment and have considered setting up a new 'commonly used' folder. But it would be nice if, for example, one could change the text colour of individual entries. Any ideas please?

  maveric 09:22 11 Jun 2005

you could put the most used ones in the personal toolbar folder unless there are too many.

  Hamish 09:24 11 Jun 2005

Sorry, I do not know how to change the colours but why not creat a new folder, drag whatever you wish into the folder ( favourites) and then drag the folder into the Bookmarks toolbar folder. They would then be easy to open.

  dogbreath1 10:37 11 Jun 2005

Thanks for your responses. You are confirming what I suspected. Hopefully, some guy will develop a firefox extension that will enable this feature... :)

  dogbreath1 11:51 08 Oct 2005

Still no FF extension to highlight bookmarks, but I believe that Enhanced Bookmark Search v is in fact a better solution. click here
Even though I store my many hundreds of bookmarks by category, it is still sometimes slow to trace a specific one I require. This search extension allows the setting of various search criteria and will of course find (for example) all instances of 'rock' which might be stored in the 'music' and/or 'geology' bookmark folders.

By also installing the Flat Bookmark Editing v 0.7 extension (also excellent- cannot recommend it enough), I now get the options 'Bookmark This Page', 'Manage Bookmarks' and 'Search Bookmarks' options when clicking on the Bookmarks tab.

  dogbreath1 13:39 13 Nov 2005


Do you want to be able to change the colour of your bookmarks in Firefox and or make the text bold?

First off install Chromedit click here

Relaunch Firefox to enable Chromedit then Tools>Edit User Files>click userChrome.css tab>cut and paste the following code to overwrite the example code already in the userChrome.css file>save

* Highlight Important Bookmark Items & Folders
/* color order in terms of ascending priority: teal, blue, red ; */
/* A '*' after 1,2 or 3 spaces gives you a bold teal, blue or red entry respectively
Alternatively: 4 spaces in a row after the bookmark name gives a bold red entry- in case you don't like the '*' */
/* first toolbar bookmark folders & items, then lower level folders, then lower level bookmark items */

.bookmarks-toolbar-items toolbarbutton[label$=" "], .bookmark-item[label$=" "], .bookmark-item[label$=" \*"] {
color: teal !important;}
.bookmarks-toolbar-items toolbarbutton[label$=" "], .bookmark-item[label$=" "], .bookmark-item[label$=" \*"] {
color: blue !important;}
.bookmarks-toolbar-items toolbarbutton[label$=" "], .bookmark-item[label$=" "], .bookmark-item[label$=" \*"] {
color: red !important;}
.bookmark-item[label$="\*"], .bookmark-item[label$=" "]{
font-weight: bold !important;}

The colours and bold text are created by editing your bookmarks and saving various numbers of spaces and/or positions of asterisk after your bookmark name. So, for example PCAdvisor___ (where the underscore represents three spaces) will display your PCAdvisor bookmark in red text!

If the code doesn't cut and paste over correctly, post back and I'll check it out.

  dogbreath1 13:44 13 Nov 2005

The source code can be found at the mozillaZine forum click here and the thread can be found click here

  dogbreath1 17:20 13 Nov 2005

I'll bump this once...I'm sure someone out there would like to be able to colour and/or bold their bookmarks.

To be able to quickly spot key bookmarks (especially when you save hundreds of the blighters like I do) is very handy.

  Hamish 20:03 13 Nov 2005

dogbreath1 Thanks for that

  dogbreath1 21:26 13 Nov 2005

You're welcome.

I've scoured the five corners of the internet for months to get this and I was delighted to find it! ;-)

When it's enabled, bookmarks look just great.

Coupled with the Enhanced Bookmark Search v extension click here it offers awesome search capability no matter how big your bookmark folder is.

  bretsky 21:40 13 Nov 2005

Thanx, bookmarked.

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