High Pithched Noises

  J33 15:41 11 Jun 2005

Recently my 5.1 speakers have srarted to produce a load high pitched schriek and random intervils.
The speakers work fine on my other PC. The noise occurs frequently when im logging in and occasionally at random other times. Ive run spybod S&D and MS Anti Spy and they have both come up blank. Im runing windows XP home Sp2 with a soundblaster 5.1 sound card. Any help will be greatly apreciated.

  DieSse 15:43 11 Jun 2005

If you've got a mic - try disconnecting it, as an experiment.

  J33 16:03 11 Jun 2005

i dont have a microphone connected to the PC. Thanks anyway

  Derek 16:07 11 Jun 2005

You probably have a motherboard with sound on board. If this is so, then remove the SB and configure the onboard sound via the settings (reboot and keep Delete pressed).
Try to get the noises to re-appear. If you can't then it must be the Sound Blaster.
If you still have the noises then go into Control/Sounds and Audio Voices then locate your 'sliders' Volumes/Advance then reduce all sliders to base. Ok it all and reboot to see if the noises have gone.
Come back with your results.

  J33 17:21 11 Jun 2005

I have done as you said onboard sound hs been disabled through the bios and I have recofiqured the sound card but the noise stll ocurs.

  bof:) 17:45 11 Jun 2005

Hi J33, can you try the sound card in another pc and see if the same happens?


  Indigo 1 20:12 11 Jun 2005

Are you using any extra effects like Creative Sounds EAX for exampple ?

I find that cetain combinations of settings from the Environments and some settings from the Advanced EQ pages do not always work too good together and I have noticed shreiking like you describe when these effects are in use.

If this is the case then just revert back to 'No Effects' on one or both and try again, it should not be difficult to track it down this way.

  amonra 21:02 11 Jun 2005

Could be feedback from spurious pick-up on the leads to the speakers. Try disconnecting one speaker at a time, or move the leads around to see if the "screech" alters.

  De Marcus 21:06 11 Jun 2005

Make sure you don't have any power cables sourced closed to the speaker wires.

  john-232317 21:28 11 Jun 2005

Modem dialup noise ?

  J33 19:00 14 Jun 2005

its defentenatly not modem dial up noise and I know the sound card works perfectly I tried it in my other PC. And the noise isnt effected by any changes to the cabling of the speakers.

Ive noticed that the noise occurs frequntly when i am uninstalling a program or runnig a program such my antivirus program or MS Antispy. This led me to believe the noise was caused by avirus or a similar peice of malware but every program I have come up empty. Thanks for trying though.

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