High-pitched noises!

  Fateful Shadow 18:38 01 Aug 2004

I don't know if it's because of the weather or something else, but since yesterday afternoon something in my PC has been making a high-pitched noise.

My guess is that it is either the hard drive or the fan, either way it is something that speeds up and slows down, because when the PC is turned off or sent into standby, the pitch decreases/increases when it is switched off/on respectively.

I can hear the fan alright so it maybe the hard drive. I think there is only 1 fan in the system. All I know is that when it goes into standby, 'it' is the last thing to stop squeeling, and 'it' is the first thing that starts when you wake it up.

Any ideas what it culd be and how to stop it? Thanks :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:44 01 Aug 2004

sounds like power supply fan.

sometimes you can peel back the label to expose a small hole on fans 1 drop of light oil is all that is required.

  Indigo 1 18:48 01 Aug 2004

You are right it could be the fan, but you need to be certain, you will need to get close enought to see it spinning and listen very carefully while you actually slow it down by poking something in the holes. But only very briefly, a straightend out paperclip does the job nicely. to change it is very simple once you take off the side it 's all self explanatory. click here For a new fan.

  Fateful Shadow 18:51 01 Aug 2004

Is it 'dangerous' if I don't get it fixed. I mean, it's not a huge problem, and you get used to the sound after a while. Can I just leave it as it is?

Thanks again :)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:00 01 Aug 2004

If the fan on processor fails, will cook cpu and MOBO / memory, costly. Prosessor fans range from approx £7 get the right one for your cpu.

If power supply fan fails, then if your lucky just the powersupply will fail, New power suppy £30 approx

  Fateful Shadow 19:12 01 Aug 2004

Could it just be dust on the fan?! Sorry, I'm a bit confused on this one as I've neve changed a PC fan before, and I know that if I go to a repair shop (e.g. PCWorld) they'll almost definately charge a fortune!

  Smiler 19:16 01 Aug 2004

You could switch off the computer, open the computer case and disconnect the power supply to the hard drive then restart. It won't boot up because you will get the message no boot disc or similar but if the noise is gone then you know its the hard drive squealing and you will need to save all your important files because it could fail at anytime. If the sound is still there it's one of the fans. Shut the system down by pressing the power button. Reconnect the hard drive. Restart the system and listen while it's loading & try to locate where the sound is coming from. CPU fan, Video Card fan, PSU fan or fans, some motherboards have a fan on the northbridge processor. Which ever it is you should be able to get a replacement from your local computer shop.

  Smiler 19:21 01 Aug 2004

Local computer shop (NOT PCWORLD) check in yellow pages or here click here;jsessionid=aUfZdMQ6YYWg

  Valvegrid 19:44 01 Aug 2004

You can check if its the HD by going to settings and reducing the time the HD turns off, say 5 minutes, and if the high-pitched noise winds down when the drive goes to kip.

  Graham ® 19:50 01 Aug 2004

Bear in mind the hard drive is not always spinning, only when it's looking for something! Take the side off and listen for the source with a tube made of A4 paper.

  Dorsai 20:06 01 Aug 2004

CD ROM drives, especially high speed ones, can be quite loud too. and as they spin up and down in speed as accessing the disk the pitch/volume can fluctuate.

I would take out any disk(s) in your CD/DVD drive(s). Just to eliminate them.

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