High pitched noise

  cherie 17:46 08 Apr 2008

HELP!! In some programs my computer slows right down, makes a high pitched continual noise and the light flashes on the front of the computer casing. Any ideas?

  Technotiger 17:50 08 Apr 2008

Sounds like an over-heating warning - do you get any error message or does the PC shut-down when this happens?

  cherie 17:54 08 Apr 2008

No,there are no warnings and it resolves itself when I come out of the program. It is, however, happening more & more frequently now.

  Technotiger 17:56 08 Apr 2008

What program(s) produces the noise?

  skidzy 18:00 08 Apr 2008

This could be hardware within the computer failing.

Can you download and install SIW click here then open the program and scroll through to Hardware and expand the + sign and select Sensors.

Post back the CPU temps and the HDD temps,this will help us diagnose the problem.

Thats if the machine will allow you to do so.

It could also be the fan overworking and starting to fail.

hi Techno :-)

  cherie 18:01 08 Apr 2008

All sorts.....Internet programs such as Club Penguin etc.; CD Roms eg.my husband uses HMRC PAYE calculators on CD Rom and it happens all the time with that. It doesn't tend to happen with straightforward word processing or spreadsheets.

  Technotiger 18:07 08 Apr 2008

Hmm, yes, like skidzy says, my next thought was a possible hardware failure, I have in mind, the GPU which is part of the Graphics hardware on some computers - this can cause a high-pitched sound, as can a dodgy fan or even the PSU. This sort of noise can be difficult to track down exactly.

Hi skidzy :-)

  Technotiger 18:08 08 Apr 2008

Does it happen ONLY when a CD ROM is being used?

  cherie 18:14 08 Apr 2008

Hi, skidzy
It would only show the HDD temp. How can I find the CPU temp?

Property Value
HDD Temperature (ST3120022A) 39 ºC (102 ºF)

  johnnyrocker 18:16 08 Apr 2008

your cd rom bearings could be on the way out?


  cherie 18:16 08 Apr 2008

Thanks for all the interest skidzy and Technotiger
In answer to Techno...it doesn't only happen with CD Roms but it does almost always happen with them. It happens at other times, particularly on the Internet.

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