High CPU usage but dont know why

  FatboySlim71 22:37 02 Jan 2006

I have a PC with 2 GB ram and a Pentium 4 3.8 ghz processor. The problem I have seems to happen when im online, the PC will be running fine with CPU usage shown in task manager at between 1-5 percent, the next thing I notice is the PC starts to run slower and sluggish and when I check back in task manager the CPU usage is between 50-100 percent mostly nearer the 100 percent level, I have tried to find which process in task manager is using all the CPU power but everything in the processes window is showing 0 percent apart from the system idle process which is at 99 percent and im at a loss to see what could be causing this, I have thought that it could be virus/spyware etc but I used to surf the same sites with an older PC which has a Pentium 4 3.4 ghz and 1 GB ram and I never had this problem.

  Brezza 01:17 03 Jan 2006

Hi :)

The System idle process is exactly what it says, idle processor time that not been allocated/used by anything so that pretty much normal.

If you go to your start menu, then RUN type in MSCONFIF and it will bring up a configuration menu, go to services and tick the button that say "HIDE ALL MICROSOFT PROCESSES" you will then be left with a list of Misc processes, see if there is anything abnormall there, if so then you can simply stop it from booting with your pc by untick the box.

If usure just untick them all (ensure all the microsoft ones are hidden first!!!!!) and then save and re-boot, any service that is need that has been turned off will automatically start when its needed, if this process that cusing you all the CPU strain is not part of windows then you should be able to prevent it from taking everything up by doing this.

Give it a go and let us know if that solved the problem

  Brezza 01:18 03 Jan 2006

sorry the correct command is MSCONFIG, my bad its late and im tired lol

  FatboySlim71 10:12 03 Jan 2006

Thanks Brezza ill try that next time my PC starts again with this problem and ill let you know if it solves it.

  Stuartli 10:31 03 Jan 2006

Go to this link:

click here

and scroll down to the section beginning: "System IDLE Process."

  pauldonovan 10:51 03 Jan 2006

and CPU is at 50-100% - that should really be a reflection of the processes listed. It may be that they are running at 100% for a short time, too quickly for you to spot it?

  bob's 15:00 03 Jan 2006

I had a similar problem a few months ago and i tried to think of something new i installed on the pc.Then i remembered i had fitted a Usb 2 Pci card.It was showing about 50% usage and on removing the card it dropped down to about 10%.I exchanged the card and fitted a new one and it worked perfect.

  Mytob 16:13 03 Jan 2006

Im having a similer problem with my epson c60 printer under xp. When I do any printing the cpu usage for system goes through the roof for no reson at all and makes the intir thing totaly unsable! Iv tryed reinsatlling the printer drivers several times and removed them and reinstalled them with no sucess. Its interesting though that it only afects this pc and not my bros and hes using the same windows setup as me!

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