smudge6521 15:14 08 Jul 2009

Hi I previously posted this issue under VISTA SP2 Query. And have had a couple of pointers but nothing has worked yet so thought I would post it under another title to see if there are any more experts out there. Basically the problem is since I installed Vista SP2 my CPU has been working at 80 percent. I tried various things like run the performance monitor etc but nothing has changed. I then went one step further and uninstalled the SP but for some reason the CPU is still pushing out at 80 percent. Prior to all this happening it was only at 0.2 percent when idle. If you check my earlier posting you will see the results from task manager. I am getting quite concerned now what is causing this abnormality. I have scanned with Mal ware bytes and nothing detected, likewise with my Anti virus and nothing detected, I am now out of ideas hopefully someone has some ideas. Thanks in advance

  Clapton is God 15:21 08 Jul 2009

"thought I would post it under another title to see if there are any more experts out there"

It is pointless starting a new thread on the same subject, it merely serves to confuse matters.

It will still reach the same "experts".

However, a link to your original thread would have helped.

  Graphicool1 15:29 08 Jul 2009
  Graphicool1 15:47 08 Jul 2009

Your readings are presumably when the PC is idling?
Were your earlier readings taken when the weather was cooler?
How hot is the room you are working in now?
Is the fan working to it's fullest speed?

My PC (you may think it's overkill) has 6 fans inside.
1 Front (sucking air in)
1 Back (blowing air out)
1 On PSU (Sucking)
1 On CPU (Sucking)
2 Between the HDD's (Blowing & Sucking)
The one at the back and the one on the CPU have sensors to change the speed of the fans depending on temperature. At the moment my CPU is using (Fluctuating) between 2% & 14%. I have WinXP SP3, IE7. IE7 is open, my email client is open. Task Manager is running, so is 'Ashampoo Firewall' 'Avast AntiVirus' (Real Time) and Spyware Terminator' (Real Time)

  birdface 16:17 08 Jul 2009

[At the moment my CPU is using (Fluctuating) between 2% & 14%.]So what one is using up most of the CPU.If I open a new I/Explorer page my security jumps in and scans it to make sure it is ok.Now that can take between 20% and 80% of the CPU with avg and a squared and sometimes kerio firewall checking for problems.it soon settles down to about 2% or 3%.But if you have something constantly using up the CPU either Google for it or let us know what it is so that we can help.

  birdface 16:20 08 Jul 2009

Best bet would be to close I/Explorer and any other browsers that you have open.Then check Task Manager to see if it is still using a lot of the CPU up.

  Graphicool1 16:30 08 Jul 2009

The software that uses most juice on my PC when everything else is idling is my security. I am glad to say, they are always on guard, they never sleep. The one that uses most of all is...wait for it...Avast!

  smudge6521 17:15 08 Jul 2009

Hi, My fan speeds are all OK I also run 3 fans so the problem is not there, it seems funny that it started when I upgraded to SP2 as prior tothat things were fine. It is when my PC is idle that the CPU is burning away at 80 percent.

  Technotiger 17:18 08 Jul 2009

If you look at the Percentages under the CPU in Task Manager, you should find that System Idle Process (near the bottom of the list) is running at about 90% to 98% - this is perfectly normal and is how it should be!

  birdface 09:55 09 Jul 2009

Like Technotiger says if nothing running at all System Idle process should show about 97% and that is normal.It meens that only 3% of the CPU is being used by different programs.
Obviously if you are not sure of any program using up the CPU let us know what it is and we can always let you know if it is Ok for it to be running or not.
One program if you have it downloaded tends to use a lot of the CPU is Driver Max if you have that I would remove it from your start up it will use up over 90% of the CPU in small bursts.

  birdface 10:01 09 Jul 2009

This was the problem with Driver Max.

click here

If any others using it just stop it running at start up solves the problem.
Every time I use it I have to switch it back of on start up after use.

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