High CPU Usage

  lulubelle 15:28 17 Jul 2006

I have recently noticed that my CPU usage is very high. It seems to happen when I am doing any sort of scan(Spybot, Adaware,AVG etc.)It goes up to 100percent most of the time. I don't know how long this has been happening or even if it SHOULD happen. I suppose scanning is quite an intensive job for the processor? I would be grateful if anyone could enlighten me about this.
Thanks in advance
PS- I only noticed this because I happened to have the task manager open when I was doing a scan, and like I said, I've no idea how long this has been going on.

  nob14 15:33 17 Jul 2006

what is the PC spec? How much memory?

  skidzy 15:51 17 Jul 2006

Open task manager/Processes......have a look to see what is using all the cpu and post back.

As Nob14 says,system spec would be handy please.


  lulubelle 15:51 17 Jul 2006

Hi nob14
Thanks for replying.
Win. XP,AMD Athlon 2200 processor, 1GB Ram.
I've also got Spysweeper, Ewido and Zone Alarm

  SANTOS7 15:53 17 Jul 2006

Are u sure its CPU usage and not the "system idle process" that u looked at

  lulubelle 15:56 17 Jul 2006

Hi skidzy,
Under the CPU column in task manager, the only thing I can see is System Idle Process, which is ranging from between 80 and 98

  SANTOS7 15:59 17 Jul 2006

perfectly nornal

Description: the System Idle Process is not a process, more a counter which is displayed in WinTasks used for measuring how much idle time the CPU is having at any particular time. This counter will display how much CPU Resources, as a percentage are 'idle' and available for use.

  SANTOS7 16:00 17 Jul 2006


  lulubelle 16:09 17 Jul 2006

Everything else looks OK. I'm definitely looking at the CPU Usage (at the bottom of the window, in the middle) At the moment it is showing between 7% and 18%, it only seems to go very high when I run a scan, any scan

  skidzy 16:10 17 Jul 2006

Santos is perfectly correct describing the System Idle Process.

This will change when using any scanners,Ewido,Spybot,Adaware etc.

You should feel reassured now.CPU usage is perfectly normal

Any further problems,let us know.

  SANTOS7 16:12 17 Jul 2006

i have just tried spybot and checked CPU useage mine goes to nearly 100% while scanning so nothing to worry about....

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