Hiding recipients email addresses when printing.

  Andy123 09:33 21 May 2003


When you print off an email that has been sent to you using Outlook Express, against everyones name in the To: section, it prints their email address as well. If there are lots of people in the list, it can take up half the page.

Does anyone know a way of hiding peoples email addresses when you send emails to stop this happening at the other end.

I actually used an email group to send to instead of listing each person I wanted to email but still when it prints out at the other end, half the page was full of names and addresses.

Hope you can help,



  Gongoozler 09:52 21 May 2003

Hi Andy123. If you put all the addresses in the Bcc box, each recipient will get the e-mail as addressed to "Undisclosed-Recipient:;"

  DieSse 09:55 21 May 2003

You send the mail To: yourself, and put everyone else on the Bcc (blind carbon copy) list.

Then no-one sees any recipients except yourself.

You can set up a special email address for this on your server, called, say, [email protected] - then all these distributions get sent to that account.

  DieSse 09:55 21 May 2003


  Bushbabe 10:19 21 May 2003

A Much easier way is to forward it to yourself and delete the recipients then print it.

  Andy123 11:06 21 May 2003

The recipients get their emails with the heading Undisclosed recipient.

Thats OK, but it would be nice to still see their names. Just to give them comfort knowing that the email was for them and not imitating spam. My main problem was stopping all the email addresses against each persons name displaying when the email is printed off.

Your suggestion takes the names away as well.

It may be one of those things that we can do nothing about....unless you know different.

Thanks for your help so far.



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