Hiding one's IP addy

  spanneress 22:20 24 May 2004

Evening Guru's.....how does one do this in the absence of a router? I am a little bothered that my IP (broadband connection) is so easily accessable.

Is there not a little piece of SW that can scramble it?

One has one's anonymity to think of you know.

Click clack.....

...knit one, pearl one....

  hugh-265156 22:37 24 May 2004

you can use a proxy but unless you have something to hide???

install a firewall and av and some anti spyware like spywareblaster and adaware and stay away from dodgy sites.

  spanneress 22:39 24 May 2004

thank you and tut tut..as if I would visit anything more hazardous than knitting pattern sites...sheesh!!

No. It's more of a choice thing really,like phone number being X directory or not.

  VoG II 22:41 24 May 2004

I'm sure you have a reason ... but this is a questionable question. Think about it.

  spanneress 22:45 24 May 2004

Hmmm...I never really gave it much thought as I am of sound moral fibre and have nothing to hide. However, it was thrust upon me (my addy) and gave me pause for thought.

Should we not have the opportunity to elect anonymous browsing etc?

  VoG II 22:46 24 May 2004

Think "spammers", "paedophiles" etc.

  stalion 22:47 24 May 2004

try this to test your comp security click here

  hugh-265156 22:50 24 May 2004

your ip address will still change from time to time with broadband.so it wont always be the same.

mine changes every few weeks with ntl.

click here for lots of info

click proceed and ckeck your firewall using the file sharing and port scan tabs.if stealth all is well and i wouldnt worry about the ip address.

  spanneress 22:51 24 May 2004

While I agree entirely with you, I think that making one's identity less obvious initially could / should be an option.

Hell, what do I know. I guess I was a little startled at having my home town location and ISP details flashed before my eyes whilst innocently browsing....

  spanneress 22:55 24 May 2004

FULL STEALTH MODE! They couldn't access my ports...AND....unable to connect to NetBios and thus could not retrieve any data from my system.

That is reassuring.


  VoG II 22:55 24 May 2004

No doubt you were told that you could be identified and they/it flashed the contents of your C drive before your very eyes. It is a fairly unsophisticated trick using IE6 probably done by a 9 year old with time on its hands.

Do you have a firewall and anti-virus?

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