Hiding the mouse

  The Sheep 09:59 01 Sep 2004

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to hide the mouse cursor using WinXP Pro? Thanks inadvance.

  Graham ® 10:08 01 Sep 2004

Moving it off the screen?

  The Sheep 10:28 01 Sep 2004

i mean hide it so you cant see it regardless of where the mouse is moved. Nice try though.

  Graham ® 11:08 01 Sep 2004

Try here click here

  The Sheep 11:28 01 Sep 2004

thanks for the help but i dont want to have to pay for any software, i was sure this could be done through the system somehow?

  Graham ® 13:34 01 Sep 2004

If you can write a script click here

  The Sheep 13:44 01 Sep 2004

hello mate. Thanks for replying. I have already used the ShowCursor API call that you gave me. I can write VB code no probs so that was my first thought. The problem with that API is that when you call it, it only hides the moses if it hovered above the app which called it. It doesnt hide the mouse completely.

  Graham ® 13:47 01 Sep 2004

OK, do a google search for 'hide the mouse'. There's lots more.

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