Hiding / encrypting files / folders

  Bailey08787 15:59 02 Nov 2006


Can anyone tell me of a way or a program that I can hide/encrypt files/folders.

I have about 100gb of .avi files (CCTV security files) that I would like to put in a folder than can only be accessed by password.

I would also like to hide these files when a search is carried out that looks for .avi files, they do not pop up

I tried using Steganos Security Suite 7, but in order to hide files you need to use a carrier file (such as a jpeg), which needs to be large enough in size to hide the hidden avi.'s - so that's no good.


  rodriguez 16:07 02 Nov 2006

You could try an encryption program such as Paragon Encryptrd Disk (click here). It makes a virtual encrypted drive that can only be mounted with a password or key file that can be put on a floppy or removable USB disk to unlock it. You can download a 30 day trial to if it's what you're after.

  rawprawn 16:28 02 Nov 2006

Hide Folders XP is an excellent program although not free
click here

  rawprawn 16:29 02 Nov 2006

Axcrypt is good and free.
click here

  Hawy 16:53 02 Nov 2006

I use 'Folder Access' but it seems it is no longer free. Haven't tried this one click here

  Jak_1 17:02 02 Nov 2006

I use PGP:

click here

You can create a virtual drive requiring keys and passphrase. It is not cheap but if the security of the cctv footage is paramount then it will be worth it and is very easy to use. One tim and that is to make a backup of your keys and passphrase to a cd in case you ever need to redo your hdd.

  Bailey08787 17:11 02 Nov 2006

Thats great thanks - I'll download one of those

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