Hiding Another 'cc' email address on a web page

  kenwyn 10:31 22 Apr 2004

I am designing a web page using Frontpage 2000, with a contact email address. I know I can 'hide' the actual destination email address behind a phrase such as 'click me', but can I get the sent message cc'd to a second email address by simply putting a comma between them as in Outlook?. So the viewer will see one address, but any message they send, will also go to the second address as well.

  IClaudio 15:58 22 Apr 2004

use the re-direction facility of your webspace account (it may be called 'forwarding')?

  Taran 18:33 22 Apr 2004

Comma separators just add each email address into a normal visible list of destination addresses.

To CC or BCC from a mailto: link, you need to add code like this;


Using an ampersand followed by the function you want to use (&cc= or &bcc=) will produce the effect you want.

click here for further details and explanations.

  Taran 18:37 22 Apr 2004

I should really have added that getting multiple emails to send can be a little sneaky if you're nor being entirely open with the people using your site.

Any decent form handler script can automatically send CC or BCC or forms to pre-set addresses of your choice, but using the above method I outlined will still produce a blank email with the CC of BCC fields showing the additional destination address(s). Some people may not notice while others will.

I strongly suggest that you conider using a good form handler script to arrange this sort of thing. Set the form up with any fields you want included in the email (Name, Email Address, Telephone No:, Comments and so on) then set your form handler to send all forms to multiple email addresses by default.

  kenwyn 06:30 26 Apr 2004

The reason for sending the 2 copies of a business enquiry-related email to different addresses is that the website is that of a franchisee of a business, whilst the 'cc' will automatically go to owner of the master franchise (with the franchisee's permission). This is to be done to save the franchisee having to remember to forward all correspondence manually. There is no reason for the original sender of the message to be suspicious of the motives for this is there?

  Taran 07:23 26 Apr 2004

Perhaps it was a poor choice of words when I said "sneaky".

All I was getting at is that if someone clicks on a link which opens up their email client and they notice mutliple addresses, you'll always get the odd person who thinks "hang on a minute".

Then again, you'll get countless more people who won't even notice at all.

Using a good email form processing script removes this problem. You create a feedback or contact form and when the user clicks the send button the script sends it to whoever you tell it to without anyone being the wiser. All they see is the form fields where they put their name, email address, message body and so on.

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