Hide Your IP Address

  manrow 21:20 16 Feb 2008

There are various systems advertised which supposedly hide your IP Address.

Is this possible or worthwhile?

  octal 21:41 16 Feb 2008

Why not just go through a proxy server? Much easier and costs nothing, just type proxy server into Google. You can either use a proxy web site or a proxy server by entering the address in your browser.

  manrow 22:12 16 Feb 2008

Is it safe to use any proxy server? Are there safeguards I should consider before I do this?

  octal 22:22 16 Feb 2008

None that I know of, I quite often I use proxy servers, not so much to hide my address but to gain access to sites that are normally closed to the UK, I suppose strictly speaking I am hiding the address because it makes it look like I'm actually in the country of the site, but I'm not really worried about who knows my surfing habits, I'm pretty boring really and anyone would probably die of boredom hacking my connection.

By the way, apart from the above example there's no real need to hide your address because the internet is a pretty public place anyway, you may as well sit on the roof of your house shouting to the district what you are looking at.

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