Hide My IP Address

  redbarron 14:37 17 Mar 2010

Can anyone recommend some good software for hiding your identity when online?

Preferably free

  DieSse 18:03 17 Mar 2010

This is one of the commonest services. click here

  Belatucadrus 00:25 18 Mar 2010
  redbarron 12:23 18 Mar 2010

Thanks guys.

I went with Ultrasurf in the end as it was more user friendly.

  VCR97 19:59 18 Mar 2010

For what it's worth- I looked at this site and received this message from McAfee Site Advisor:

"McAfee Trusted Source web reputation analysis found potential security risks with this site. Use with extreme caution."

The potential risks were not explained.

  peter99co 20:42 18 Mar 2010

Which one is unsafe?

  Belatucadrus 20:59 18 Mar 2010

I dumped SiteAdviser ages ago, I got really tired of them green rating blatant scammers selling links to freeware downloads. Much prefer WOT now.

  VCR97 19:43 19 Mar 2010

Sorry. It was Ultrasurf.

  VCR97 20:45 19 Mar 2010

Of course it could be a false alarm from McAfee. Perhaps something on the site has similar characteristics to something which is dodgy. I'll have a look at WOT.

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