Hidding my details using remote desktop

  tippy21 17:05 12 May 2011


Are there any bofins out there that can help.

I know that when you surf the web, websites can log your IP & MAC address.

If you get my jist, I don't want my laptop to be flagged on a few web sites I have been on.

My plan is to use another pc, that has a wireless braodband dongle from a mobile phone company.

The pc will be attched to the wireless router via eithernet, but banned from access the web via the router.

This way I can connect remotley from my laptop.

So my question is. Will they still be able to see my laptop?

Thank you all

  mgmcc 23:08 12 May 2011

If what you're doing is to "remote control" a PC from the Laptop, with the PC connecting to the internet with a mobile broadband connection, this doesn't seem to make a lot of sense. Why are you not just using the PC itself, or connecting the mobile dongle to the Laptop?

Plugging a USB dongle into the Laptop won't reveal either the IP address used when previously connecting with the router, or the MAC address of any network adapters in the Laptop. In any case, while connected via the router, the MAC address that was connected to the internet would have been the router's WAN MAC address, not the MAC address of the Laptop's network adapter(s). The Laptop's IP address would have been a LAN address probably with a 192.168.x.x address. That isn't an internet address and would be no different from that used by millions of other computers in Local Area Networks.

Your Laptop itself was never "visible" when connected via a router. What was visible was the router and the IP address allocated to it by the ISP.

  tippy21 09:36 13 May 2011

Thank you for your reply.

Can you help a little further.

The websites that I am speaking off are bookies and they can tell if you have more than one account somehow by the computer you are using.

This is what I am trying to mask. You hear of many websites placing some software on our computers and the bookies also ask that cookies be accepted.

If this is what they want to do that's fine, but instad of having a bulky tower, keyboard and monitor around, I wouls like to us Remote Desktop so I can have the tower under the bed.

  zeefunn12 11:00 13 May 2011

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  mgmcc 11:09 13 May 2011

I don't know what, if anything, the sites you are visiting install in the computer.

As they are "bookies", it may have been necessary to install something to be able to use their service. Normally with sites that you have to log into your account with, there is a simple option to log out again. You can certainly delete any cookies, usually by going into the 'Options' of whichever browser you're using.

  ashleycardwell94 20:09 27 May 2011

if it against the rules, i advise that you dont do it. Also, it could be cookies, web browser type and operating system type that they check. No software is installed without your permission. Couldt you just use a proxy site to hide your ip and mac address?

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