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  uskfisherman 16:42 12 Mar 2004

I recently purchased a ne PC Fujitsu Siemens with Windows XP Home installed, and with a Recovery CDRom to return to original settings. The Pc was working well until I acquired Partition Magic 8. This actually came while I was in hospital, and after I came home I unwisely decided to see whaT It did. Needless to say all I did was to completely render the PC unworkable. Recovery disc wouldnt work niether would restore and all the other normal things one would use. T o get it up and working I installed a copy of XP Pro which I had and it all works. I can see however on my 40Gig drive thatthere is about nearly 2 gig I cant account for and I suspect that this is the XPHome windows installation put on by Fujitsu. Is this correct please and more to the point is possible to ressurect this. If anyone could tell me how to do this , in dummies language please.

  JJCUK 17:02 12 Mar 2004

Did your pc come with a recovery disk/CD
what is the model

The partition you see may be a hidden recovery partition, which you usually need a cd or floppy to access they will guide you through any neccesary recovery procedure ?

  uskfisherman 17:50 12 Mar 2004

thank you JJCUK' The model is a Scaleo L and I have a recovery CD. I seem to rember booting up with this and getting nowhere., Are you saying all I have to do is to boot up with this and I can recover XP Home? I am reluctant to try anything that runs the risk of messing up what I have at present. Thank you for your help.

  keith-236785 17:56 12 Mar 2004

on a 40 gig hard drive you would end up after formatting with about 38½ gig.

that might account for the missing space.

my 80 gig, split into three partitions only adds up to 74.3 gig total.

hope this helps a little.

  JJCUK 19:59 12 Mar 2004

If you run the recovery CD you wull end up with an "as New" pc without any of your documents/pictures files or customisations
so you would need to back these up if u wanted to keep them, also make sure you have your internet connection details so you can get back on line.
any new hardware you have installed may also need to be re-installed/reconfigured.

and yes "Usually" just booting from the cd is enough to prompt for a recovery

and sorry for not reading your first post more clearly

  JJCUK 20:04 12 Mar 2004

I also note the Fujitsu website has help pages and contact numbers for assistance

which may provide more relevant info than I can

click here

and telephone help here

click here

  uskfisherman 18:32 13 Mar 2004

Heaps of thanks for your help. I gave me confidence to put the disc in and have a go. Lo and behold after a lot of huffing a puffing I got there and have restored my PC to the way it was when I had
Kind regards to all.

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