Hidden temporary files

  offal 21:49 04 Mar 2004

I am running XP. Is it possible to change the attributes of .tmp files so that they show in windows explorer without having to show all hidden files? It is a pain having to change the explorer view every time I want to delete the remnants of Word documents which have become more permanent than temporary. Thanks, Rob

  JohnC123 22:24 04 Mar 2004

I just read the posting regarding temp files so i did a search for them using *.tmp -- There are hundreds of them going back to 2001 - is it safe to delete them all ?
Thanks in advance

  hugh-265156 00:36 05 Mar 2004

try something like cleanup click here very safe to use on default standard settings and will dig out more than windows own cleanup routine.

  hugh-265156 00:38 05 Mar 2004

spybot search and destroy if set to remove usage tracks in its options also does a good job as well as removing nasties click here

  offal 16:06 05 Mar 2004

Thanks for these responses, my problem is not that I cannot delete them, but that they do not ordinarily show because XP marks them as hidden files by default. they onlt show if searched for as by JohnC123 above. I would like to change the default so that .tmp files are not hidden. Any ideas anyone? - JohnC123 - I have been told that .tmp files over a week old can be deleted safely.

  anon1 16:11 05 Mar 2004

John, yes you can get rid of them. Offal I am afraid you will have to show all file extensions but why is that a problem. It is better to show all file types so that you can see any possible nasties before they become nasty. If it is a case of not letting other users see the file extensions then you would be better off setting different users and privaledges

  offal 17:46 05 Mar 2004

Anon 1.
I suppose you have a point, I could set to show all files. Just about clutter really... there seem to be hundreds of system files I don't need to see. Thank you all.

  Kinder Scout 18:22 05 Mar 2004

click here Freeware.

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