Hidden files that cannot be un-hidden

  User-F536C57A-0E6F-4CB1-93C316D9C708988F 22:31 27 Dec 2008

I have Gigabytes of files on my hard drive I would like to get rid off. Some are in a recovery bin folder for instance. When I go on the C or D drive, I cannot find the folder or others and I notice I have many "hidden files". When I select "show hidden files", they are not shown back. On a forum in France, I had learnt it was due to a virus and that something about 0 and 1 values had to be done but I don't understand what exactly. I ran 4 antivirus on my laptop including Bitdefender. The laptop is now clean.

  mocha 02:14 28 Dec 2008

Hi SKhann,

If you mean Recycle bin and you are sure you wish to delete these files, right click the recycle bin icon on your desktop and a menu will appear. One of the items being 'Empty Recycle bin'. Left click this item and this will then permanently delete all files in the bin.

No, Recycle Bin was uninstalled but seems to have remained on the drive. Anyway, it is not the only folder I want to get rid off. The folders I want to get rid off are "HIDDEN" so before I can remove them, I must un-hide them! I don't know how to do that.

  lotvic 21:24 28 Dec 2008

"Recycle Bin was uninstalled but seems to have remained on the drive"
Do not uninstall the recycle bin - it is part of windows and should be there.

If it is XP and you want to show Hidden files and folders do this:

Open 'My Computer' > Tools > Folders Options > View > and put a dot in 'Show hidden files and folders'
click on 'Apply' and 'OK'

Be careful that you do not delete or uninstall any system folders or the Operating System (XP) will not be able to start or work properly.

  lotvic 21:34 28 Dec 2008

If the problem is that the Hidden Files stay hidden even though you have put a dot in the 'Show hidden files and folders' radio button then you need to alter the registry as per the instructions on click here

Thank you very much. That's what I was looking for. Except I am too afraid to do it myself. Now have to find a IT guy. THANKS.

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