Hidden drive

  TomG 21:53 18 May 2004

I have an external drive connected to a laptop running win 2k. I can access the drive from my computer on the laptop but when I try and access the drive from another pc on my wireless network it is not seen.

In properties for the drive although share is ticked I note after the drive letter there is a dollar sign which means the drive is hidden.

How do I un-hide the drive?

  Smegs 22:14 18 May 2004


  TomG 07:06 19 May 2004

? not sure I understnd the answer?

  Rigga 08:13 19 May 2004

Create a new share for the drive with a non $name.

  TomG 12:03 19 May 2004


I've tried that and fiddled with the permissions but still the same problem

  Rigga 08:16 20 May 2004

So you can see the laptop on the network? and you can share a different drive, say the C drive, from that laptop across the network?

If both of those answers are yes, then I'm a bit stumped as to what would be the problem. As sharing should be the same regardless of whether the Drive is external or not.

If you cannot share a different drive from that laptop then post back.

  TomG 08:40 20 May 2004

I've sorted it

What I did was change the external drive letter from E to F. I found then that I could see it on the network (and write to it). I then changed the drive letter back to E and had the same success?

Life is a mystery

  Smegs 10:57 20 May 2004

TomG, well done, and thanks for telling us how you did it. I only did "BUMP" to get your thread back to the top of the page.

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