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  DannyOH 14:59 29 Apr 2005

Hi guys,

(In WindowsXP--SP2) I haved an 18Gb partition set aside for backups.

Recently, I cleared this partition, so that when I open the root folder it shows, 0 folders, and 0 bytes.

When however, I open the folder's Properties dialogue, it shows over a third of the drive taken up with data. More than that, it shows the data as fragmented. (It even DEfragmented!)

Now I have an (otherwise properly functioning) "empty" partition with SIX Gb of unidentifiable data on it.

What's going on here?



  gudgulf 15:11 29 Apr 2005

Possibly....space for system files such as System Restore and the Recycle bin and "reserved" ststem space which is used for the MFT.You can switch off the system restore function and recycle bin usage for that partition to reclaim some more space but the MFT is set when you format a partition.That space is made available for storing files etc as the partition becomes full.

Does that make any sense?

  keith-236785 20:54 29 Apr 2005

right click the drive in My Computer and choose format, put a tick in perform quick format.

only take a few seconds and will wipe all info on that drive freeing up all the space.

good luck

  DannyOH 22:20 29 Apr 2005

Yeah, Paperman27, I could do that, but then I wouldn't know what I am loosing. As it is behaving like it might be useable or even necessary data, in the back of my mind I strongly suspect it is there for a reason.

If I knew why it is showing up in "Properties" but not showing up in the file folder, I might be able to make an intelligent decision--but Alas!

Thanks anyway for trying.


  DannyOH 22:26 29 Apr 2005

Oh, forgot you, gudgulf.

No. Sorry, it doesn't. There is after all, SIX GB of the stuff! What you say about "System Restore" may be something however. The data I had on the partition was System restore data and Backup Data--but when I did a new Automated System Restore and a new System backup these did not use that space, but were rather added on to it.

Thanks to you too,

  dan11 22:32 29 Apr 2005

Go to control panel > system > system restore > highlight the drive and choose settings. What is the size. As gudgulf says, you can turn off system restore for this partition or reduce it's size.

While you are system, pick advanced > performance > advanced > virtual memory > change. look at the settings for the partition. Has it got a size set for virtual memory?

Also as gudgulf has mentioned. right click the recycle bin on the desktop > properties > select the partition letter. What space is reserved for the recycle bin. Here again you can turn it off or reduce the size.

Finally go to my computer > tools > folder options > show and put a tick in show hidden files and folders. Now go back to the partition. What files and folders are now shown.

If you add all the sizes together, you should roughly match the lost space.

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