hidden chat logs

  blueyedmale38 16:15 09 May 2005

just a query......having a heated argument with a friend of mine regarding msn messenger chat logs. They recently let there friend sort out there pc because it had a few problems. on returning the pc the friend informed them that he came across some hidden chat logs and everything they ever said was there even tho this person never saved chats,they also did a search and nothing showed. i say there arent any but there convinced there are. would like any enlightenement to this debate if possible.there worried sick now that somethings gonna get said to there partner

  SANTOS7 16:24 09 May 2005

click here
this may help,if you follow the instructions in the link you will find out if chat logging is enabled or disabled...

  blueyedmale38 16:37 09 May 2005

i know for a fact they havent got messenger plus and they have used search feature to look for chat logs but nothing shows. the person who installed windows xp told them that all chat logs have a back up log even if you delete your chat logs there still on your pc hidden which to me sounds a bit fishy as ive never heard that before. i know some files are left hidden on your pc long after u delete them i just didnt think that meant chat logs.....maybe im wrong and will have to eat humble pie......yeuchhhhh

  pauldonovan 16:37 09 May 2005

the built in MSN software isn't the only way to log chats and it is feasible (perhaps unlikely) that their partner installed some logging software.

I'm assuming it was just the built-in stuff tho.

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