Hibernation and standby

  Kuching 17:55 30 Apr 2004

When I put my PC on either of the two modes, I get a message saying that the device driver for the keyboard is preventing the machine from doing so, and that if the problem persists, I may need to update the driver. Yet when I try to update the driver, my machine tells me that the driver is up to date. Can anyone please advise?

  SANTOS7 18:07 30 Apr 2004

if your trying to update drivers from device manager it will tell you your drivers are up to date, you will need to search the net for updated drivers for the relevant piece of hardware

  Kuching 20:40 30 Apr 2004

I have installed the latest driver from Microsoft but I still get the same response. Can Santos7 please specify a driver if he knows of one?

  SANTOS7 20:52 30 Apr 2004

click here have alook here kuching may have the answer to your problem,good luck

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