Hibernation Problem

  Narayan Adhikari 12:58 28 Aug 2008

When I try to put my PC in Hybernation mode (it's enabled in system properties) it shows an error message saying 'The device driver for the 'STMicroelectronics Trusted Platform Module' device is prefenting the machine from entering hibernation. please close all apps and try again.

Any clue how do I resolve this?

Thanks in advance.

  Narayan Adhikari 17:55 04 Oct 2008

resolved with new drive installation.

  Narayan Adhikari 17:58 04 Oct 2008


Can you please suggest of any light, handy digital note taking software (text, pictures, sounds etc) suitable for taking lecture notes? (not hardware/gadget).


  Stuartli 18:21 04 Oct 2008

You've ticked this as Resolved.

Therefore it's pointless asking a follow up question on an entirely different subject (and would be in any case) - you need to start a new thread...:-)

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