Hibernation: a good thing or not?

  Slaney 22:30 08 Jan 2003
  Slaney 22:30 08 Jan 2003

How much strain does hibernating put on the electronics etc? It's brilliant to be able to save noise and power but is it ok to keep hibernating/waking several times a day?

  Pumas 22:37 08 Jan 2003

Do you mean "sleeping".

Hibernating is just the same as shutting down but you are greeted with all your programs and files as they were when you switch on.

  BRYNIT 22:47 08 Jan 2003

I had a proble of when the system went into hib and was left for too long it wouldn't restart so I don't use it anymore.

  northamuk 22:52 08 Jan 2003

Same here, don't use it now either.

  Stokey 23:07 08 Jan 2003

Same here. I don't think it ever worked properly.

  VoG™ 23:14 08 Jan 2003

Nah. I use mine searching for aliens ([email protected]). Others use UD to look for cancer cures. Waste of time IMHO.

  Pumas 23:17 08 Jan 2003

That's in XP anyway.

  MichelleC 10:09 09 Jan 2003

I used to use it but a tech guy said it can mess up the pc. (98se).

  malith 10:28 09 Jan 2003

Yes, better to keep off all the advance setting on your Power schemes by changing to "never" ( Hard disk, System standby, etc.) to avoid some conflict.

  siarad 10:51 09 Jan 2003

Don't know if this applies but a little known bug in Windows 98 that causes the
computer to hang when it is in suspend. This is caused,
believe it or not, when a drive letter is lower case in the
SYSTEM.INI. You can fix this by doing the following:

- Select Start > Run and type msconfig in the Open: box, then press OK
- Select the System.ini tab
- Click the + sign next to the (386Enh) section to expand it
- Select the line PagingFile= and click Edit
- Change the lowercase drive letter to uppercase
- Click Apply and OK
- When prompted, restart your computer

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