Lemur 19:28 25 Feb 2004

I am running XP. As far as I can tell, my computer is still set to "Hibernate" after a set time of inactivity.

Recently, instead of just going dark, but with the fan still running, the fan has also stopped. To get it going again, it was necessary to press the 'ON' button on the tower, following which the computer started again where I left it! I did a system restore to get back to the 'always running fan' status, in case there was something wrong!

Please tell me: 1) When a computer 'Hibernates', does the fan stop or keep going? 2) Where do I find the controls again, to set the Hibernation facility?

  Mister Splendid 19:43 25 Feb 2004

When a pc goes into hibernation the contents of ram are saved to the hdd and the system shuts down just as if you selected shutdown, everything stops. When you press the power button to bring it out of hibernation the saved contents of ram are restored from the hdd and the pc returns to the state it was in before hibernating. To find the settings for hibernation go to display properties. Select screen saver, then click the power button. you will find the hibernation settings in with the other power management settings.

  Site Administrator 19:55 25 Feb 2004

Depending on the computer, the fan can stay on and off during hibernation. If you computer was doing it before then there may be some concern of the CPU overheating.

  Citrws 19:57 25 Feb 2004

If the system goes into Hibernation the motor will cease to run.

To check the settings go to Control Panel, click on Performance & Maintenance, select Power schemes and check that SYSTEM HIBERNATES is set to NEVER. At the same time you can set monitor turn off to suit your requirements and I would suggest that Hard Disk and System standbye are also set to NEVER.

Clicking on the Hybernate tab will supply you with details of what happens when your computer goes into Hibernation.

  Lemur 21:37 25 Feb 2004

Many thanks to you all for your valued help.

Citrws - I do want my computer to hibernate so, wonder if the settings you suggest are based on the assumption that I do NOT want hibernation. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression!? I have now used your settings, and will wait and see.

The hibernation tab unfortunately does not tell me if the motor should stop, but it does say that the computer shuts down, so I take that to mean that the motor should stop!

FYI., The "Enable hibernation" box was, and is still ticked.

  temp003 01:34 26 Feb 2004

I think Citrws's settings suggestions are: No hiberation, no standby, no turning off the hard disk, and optionally turning off the monitor after a desired period of time if that's what you want. I think that's what you want anyway, and you've done it. So it should be fine.

There is no selection for "turning off the motor". What Citrws means is when the computer hibernates, the computer WILL shut down/power off.

Since you don't want hibernation at all, you can also untick the box for enabling hibernate support under the Hibernate tab in Power Options. Click Apply or OK. Then you won't get an option under Power Schemes to use Hibernation.

Disabling hibernate support also means that Windows will not reserve hard disk space for the hibernation file, which as stated above is the size of your RAM. The file where the open applications are kept in Hibernation mode is called C:\hiberfil.sys (hidden). Unticking the box will make this file disappear.

  Lemur 10:52 26 Feb 2004

Thank you temp003 for your kind help. I think that I now have the measure of the situation. Thanks again to you all.

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