Hibernate then shut down

  acceptmyname 20:00 03 Aug 2007

Can anybod help whenever I leave my pc idle and it goes into hibernate when I come back to it and move the mouse to get it going again it comes on for 10secs then shuts down. This has only just started since I fitted a new psu and GFX card

  acceptmyname 20:13 03 Aug 2007


  acceptmyname 20:38 03 Aug 2007


  Clapton is God 21:02 03 Aug 2007

"it goes into hibernate when I come back to it and move the mouse to get it going again"

If you are using the mouse to "get it going again" the PC is NOT in hibernation.

When a PC hibernates it actually powers off and you have to press the power button on the tower to power it up and bring it out of hibernation.

Check the power management settings for the mouse. I suggest that you un-tick 'Allow this device to bring the computer out of standby' particularly if it's a USB mouse which can prevent hibernation.

  acceptmyname 21:22 03 Aug 2007

Thanks but it has always been alright before the new PSU and GFX card

  wrinklysteve 21:27 04 Aug 2007

I have almost exactly the same problem. I put the PC to Hibernate, wake it with the mouse, watch as it restores the screen as it was when I hibernated, and then shuts down. I recently installed a new 500W PSU and an Nvidia graphics card. I have the latest drivers for this. Needless to say, the Hibernate facility had worked perfectly since the PC was new 2 years ago. I have consulted two other forums so far without useful suggestions.

  acceptmyname 21:39 04 Aug 2007

Ihave also installed anvidia graphic card and psu

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