Hi. Welcome to the new PC-OK Forum

  PC-OK 12:30 25 Mar 2005

I am currently putting together a new computer forum, which I hope will be used for people who have problems with their computers. The site is very much in its infancy and I would appreciate people taking a look at it, click here

Please send me any suggestions you may have!



  spuds 12:53 25 Mar 2005

A little bit of competition for PC Advisor ;o).

Good luck with your site.

  sunny staines 13:01 25 Mar 2005

You will have to work hard to get as good as this site which I consider the best on the net at present.

A page for FAQ's

OR a Linkspage with useful links to tutorials, helpful websites, information, useful reliable downloads [not including a mass of downloads for useless software that so many sites list] etc.

having a forum just for update I think is certainly a good idea.

good luck with your venture. sunny staines

  Kate B 13:03 25 Mar 2005

Looks good, Andrew - I like the way you've got a section for Mac users, too. Most forums are centred on one or the other. Good luck with it.

  Joe R 14:27 25 Mar 2005


best of luck in all that you are trying to do.

Looks good so far.

  Dan the Doctus 17:30 25 Mar 2005

I was hoping it would be rubbish so I could criticise it, but unfortunately it looks pretty good. Well presented and professional looking - good luck.

  BranVan39 17:46 25 Mar 2005

Thanks very much for your compliments. I hope that some people in here will be willing to join PC-OK as Mods, Admin etc...to help make the board as good as possible.
My reason for starting the board is not to compete with PCA but to offer advice in a more friendly format and use it as a way of chatting to other computer users about our experiences and queries.

Thanks, Andrew

  PC-OK 17:52 25 Mar 2005

I posted under my personal user name, not the one I created for PC-OK.


  Sapins 17:55 25 Mar 2005

Looks very familiar!

  Forum Editor 18:15 25 Mar 2005

Whilst we're happy to comment on your site in our Web Design forum we aren't here to provide a free advertising service, so keep to this thread please. In addition, I would be grateful if you would stick to one username, otherwise it leads to confusion - let me know which one you want to use, and I'll disable the other one.

  Forum Editor 18:33 25 Mar 2005

I can see that your site is very similar to hundreds of thousands of others on the web. To succeed with a computer help forum you need several things:-

1. Innovative design

2. A sound concept

3. A core membership of experienced and helpful computer users.

4. Moderation on a 24/7 basis

5. Lots of visitors

The last two tend to go hand in hand - you don't need (4) until you have (5).

Unless you can come up with something a little different in the way you approach things - specialisation for instance - you'll look just like every other forum based on Invison power board's forum template, and you'll never get off the ground.

I wish you good luck - stick at it, and work up a new 'look' and you might stand a better chance. You'll need to change that instantly forgettable url by the way - it bears no relation to anything. I've just found two excellent domain names that would fit your bill.

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