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  Dark Knight 20:49 24 May 2004


I am creating an A0 poster for which I need a screenshot of a visual basic program I have generated. The Screenshot needs to be a minimum of A4 in size (i.e. larger than actual size) and 300dpi (the printer's recommended minimum requirement). However I am lacking ideas for how to do this. For most stuff I 'printscreen' and then crop to size in PSP however this does not yield the size of image or dpi required (without pixelation).

Has anybody any suggestions as to how I can save an image to the size requirements stated??

Thanks in advance

  Pesala 21:14 24 May 2004

The program defines the size of the dialogue boxes and menu bars so switching to a higher resolution setting on your monitor will probably make the icons and dialogue boxes smaller, and would not show the program as most users would see it @ 1024x768 resolution. Resizing screen shots in photo programs is sure to make them either pixelated or blurred. You can get the best results with PNG or GIF rather than JPG formats.

A4 landscape at 300 dpi is roughly 3000 x 2400 pixels or about 300% magnification of your screenshot.

  Doogie Howser 21:35 24 May 2004

What about taking a high res digital photo of the screen?

  Dark Knight 21:44 24 May 2004

That 'is' the current backup plan!! TBH though the pictures come out ** lots of words that will not be said **. The Program has a Light blue background that simply doesn't take kindly to being photographed.

I was hoping I missing something obvious but by Pesala's reply it appears not.

  Pesala 23:05 24 May 2004

I took a screenshot, and cropped a quarter of it (to save ink and file size). I printed it on my Epson C80 at 100%. Then I scanned it at 1200 dpi and reduced it to get 1024 * 768 pixels (4 times as high resolution as before). This is the result click here You might do better with higher quality printing or higher resolution scanning. I used high quality JPG to save file size, but PNG is slightly better.

  Dark Knight 23:13 24 May 2004

Not Bad! Definately better than photographing the screen! I have some super glossy paper lying about somewhere I will give that a go!

Will report back tomorrow!

  Dark Knight 18:27 25 May 2004

The size and DPI are as needed. However my printer and/or scanner have changed the colouring from the screen although it is not too bad! Some of the text is slightly blurry.

Had to save as TIF as my scanner doesn't give the option for PNG or GIF.

All in all not too bad, Thanks Pesala

will leave unticked for now in case anybody else has any further bright ideas.

  Charence 18:45 25 May 2004

I think that the size of your print screen depends on your screen resolution. Am I right in believing this, because the print screen using my 1600x1200 17" monitor are much larger than print screens on the 1024x768 15" monitor.

If this is correct, if you could get a screen with high enough resolution, theoretically the size of print screen output would be larger at 100%.

But if your RAM is small, it may not cope with the picture size.


  Dark Knight 00:12 26 May 2004

However (and I stand to be proven wrong here) doesn't whatever is shown on the screen become smaller too? Therefore your suggestion would only work for a huge screen (which I dont have.... please explain further if I am missing your point here!

  Simon_P 00:29 26 May 2004

Called Genuine fractals that is a plug-in for PSP and Adobe Photoshop it is a highly recommended interpolation software and is not cheap,($150 download) however you can download a free trial “10 uses I think” it is not straight forward but is easy to get to grips with.
Visually on screen the images look jaggy but printed it is the best I have seen (yet)
I have used it to up size a 18 meg 6 mp tiff to a 50 meg 12 mp tiff for a print job and it was almost pin sharp.
Its worth a shot. click here

  AndySD 00:30 26 May 2004

Why not try taking the screenshot then with the image editing software you use increase the dpi from 92 to 300 and see what the result is like.

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