Hi-Jacked Browser

  Jai 17:35 01 Dec 2006

This may help someone at a later date. Running XP pro & IE6 (updated regularly). IE6 wa hi-jacked 2 days ago - by that I mean I could not visit any site that ended .co.uk (PC Advisor
included). The rogue site always ended up as jupk.com selling different things eg boilers,laptops, languages etc & of course porn.
I could not visit anything at all. My armoury/defence is a2,spyware blaster, search& destroy,avg anti virus, ad-aware. These are all updated every other day. Thay were all run twice but to no avail. A2 was then run as a deep scan - still no success. System restore from 4 days ago -no success. I then went on sites that ended in .com & found recommended Spyware Doctor & Easy Spy Remover both of which I have just run. By that you can gather I have success. However I have'nt switched off yet or done a restart so I thought I'd post this & ask for tips while I have a chance. Also I don't actually know which one has fixed (may be temporarily) the prob. I hope this is au revoir & not goodbye!!!

  Gongoozler 18:16 01 Dec 2006

Read these forum pages helping people who had the same problem click here
click here

  Jak_1 19:46 01 Dec 2006

There are a fe others here who have had the same problem, myself included.

click here

  Faser 20:07 01 Dec 2006

Hope you have solved the problem. You may want to download a great free bit of software, WinPatrol, that I have used for ages now.

It not only gives you last ditch protection against high-jacking you can also view and change various other operations on your PC. Please click here click here

  birdface 20:47 01 Dec 2006

Turn you computer of,Then on again,That will let us all know what the fix is,If you are still all clear.

  The Kestrel 20:56 01 Dec 2006

If all is now OK, it may be wise to ungrade from IE6 to IE7. Alternatively, you could use an another browser, such as Firefox (which I use) or Opera, that tend to be attacked less by malware.

  Jai 20:36 03 Dec 2006

Update - I have now turned off & on again. All still seems ok. The only change is that EasySpy remover pops up before any icons at start up to warn me I have xx items that need fixing & I need to register (ie pay up). I have been thinking of doing this. I also have been thinking "What happens to my computer when my trial runs out?" Yes I thought so too, my computer will be hi-jacked again. Will try WinPatrol while "I'm on bail" (sometimes it does feel like a sentence!!!).

  Picklefactory 12:52 04 Dec 2006

I had a major hijack a year ago or so, have kept this installed since and found it useful. It seems the support is suspended at present, but I think you can still d/load the free software

click here

  The Kestrel 16:04 04 Dec 2006


If you think that the malware is still infecting your computer, I suggest that you visit this link click here. They specialise in helping PC users to get rid of harmful programs.

  Jak_1 16:14 04 Dec 2006

Having cleared the hi-jack of my browser, same symptoms as Jai, I think it was Ewido that actually sorted it.

  Jai 15:09 10 Dec 2006

Further update - still all ok for a few days now, so I have just uninstalled EasySpy Remover & did a re-boot - all ok. Then I uninstalled Spyware Dr. & did a re-boot & still all ok. In the meantime I have increased my knowledge about these gits & also the other progs that help. I have learnt (& installed)that Ewido is now AVG Anti Spyware. I also seem to remember that Vog had few tips to maximise its installation but can't find the thread now, so will keep looking. Will also tick resolved. Thx to all who offered their help.

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