hi, how do i...

  ah24 15:09 09 Aug 2006

hi guys, basically iv f**ked my computer pretty much beyond repair..well for me anyway and i cant afford to get a technician to fix it..so, how do i completely restart windows? asin take everything off then put all back on again? and would it mess up my internet as i have a router for wireless laptop.
thanks, adam

  Pamy 15:22 09 Aug 2006

ah24, please do not use bad words even if only implied, this is a family forum. Tell us the problem first and perhaps someone can help with an easier solution

  Jimmy14 15:26 09 Aug 2006

I will answer your question but your thread could be removed due to bad language. Are you another one who hasn't read the forum rules?

Have you got a windows xp reload disc for your computer to install the Operating back on?

  ah24 15:26 09 Aug 2006

can i go back and edit it pamy?

  VoG II 15:26 09 Aug 2006
  Jimmy14 15:27 09 Aug 2006

this is getting beyond a joke. You are hijacking and interupting a thread about computer repairs to talk about gimmic Car Finance. Your post should be deleted.

  ah24 15:28 09 Aug 2006

thanks vog, ill try that...and really sorry about the language, if i can go back and edit it just tel me how and i shall.
thanks, adam

  Pamy 15:29 09 Aug 2006

an apology and a promise not to do it again is sufficient for me, cannot speak for FE.

  wee eddie 16:02 09 Aug 2006

And of any software you have on disk.

Can you write all the files and folders, you wish/need to keep, to CD or other external medium?

  ah24 17:12 09 Aug 2006

to be honest its more weird now than anything..before i had a lot of problems but tried sorting them - didnt work..ill try and explain

A)well a while ago i tried getting a trial version of windows visa (from windows of course) but it went wrong and now my comp says i have a counterfeit version on windows!

B)next, limewire kept opening itself even though i had set it not to, if i closed the program it would open its self.

C)another thing, i had weird files in my local disk that would come back if deleted.

D)kept gettng internet pop ups

E)fans were running very loud

i had an op last month and only got upstairs today. i thought id try and sort the problem so removed pretty much all programs, but i kept getting a message from limewire still! though i managed to sort it..on the whole everything was going well i thought

until! i ran an ad-aware scan that found 127 infections..i went to delete them and stupidly didnt read one of the boxes and clicked 'yes'.

It then flashed and my background was set to what it was when i first got the comp, had a 'welcome to windows click this baloon to see what you can do' balloon come up..and the weirdest thing of all is all my files and folders had dissapeared..yet if i search for them i can find them but some files inside the folders are lost!

i know this dont really make sense n its very long but please try and help! id like to keep some things on here but would it be easier if i were to cut my losses and reset everything?

thanks, adam

  ah24 17:14 09 Aug 2006

p.s!! all my internet history was gone, favourites gone and home page reset

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