hi getting system error

  si_2008 09:50 15 Jan 2008

hi everytime i open windows i am getting a system error message popping up ,,warning me a unknow trojen has hijacked ,my system please click here to download the newest antisoftware program,,

also there is another message appers if i go into google search page which says
error your system was hijacked some results was changed by porn advertising you need to clean your system to get rid ,,again click here to download the newest antisofeware program ,,,

now this only happens if i,m on windows ,,if i,m on my bt internet homepage etc ,,i dont get this message ..
now i have run my norton antivirus and sofeware program and ,thats ok ,,,i just need to get rid of this pop up i honnestly think it wants to direct me to another site ,,,also ,,i do have kids but all my parential blocks are on ,,and i have checked nobody has been on porn sites ,,well i dont think so the kids are only 8 and 5 ,,,
any help to get rid onf this unwanted pop up please will be gratefully recieved

  Gongoozler 09:55 15 Jan 2008

The error message is almost certainly being generated by a bit of malware that has got onto your computer. Download and run A-Squared click here. This is very good at finding nasties that anti-virus doesn't.

  Gongoozler 10:00 15 Jan 2008

I just noticed your last couple of lines. My Grandson is 8, and he's expert at downloading and installing games onto his mum's computer, and occasionally something undesirable gets installed as well. I've had to have stern words with him on more than one occasion. I've installed K9 Web Protection on the computer I built for him click here

  Technotiger 10:02 15 Jan 2008

For a start do NOT accept the advice to download anything to get rid of the so called trojans!

Close down and then turn off your PC and disconnect from the Mains. Wait for at 15 minutes, then re-connect and start up again as normal. With a little bit of luck this will have 'killed' the rubbish. Also after that, run Ccleaner click here as well as PrevX.csi click here the scan is Free, but if it finds anything (often finds what others have missed) it is worth the small charge to clear your PC. The payment, if you decide on that, does last for one year.

Good luck.

  si_2008 13:11 15 Jan 2008

hi just spent 2 hours doing a deep clean with A-squares ,and i still get the message up ,like i said it only appers when i go onto hotmail if i open my pages from my bt homepage i dont get this message ,,i know not to except the download i jst need to get rid of this malware ,,,anybody else got idea,s to get rid of this

  si_2008 13:13 15 Jan 2008

hi sorry to say i have also tried the other advice givin to me ,,earlier but still recieving this system error

  si_2008 14:05 15 Jan 2008

anybody any other ideas to get rid of this unwanted message

  si_2008 14:19 15 Jan 2008

was wondering WHY i only get this when i open hotmail home page and go onto webpages that way...? if i open btinternet, homepage ,,and go to webpages through that i dont get the error message ,,,could it be somthing to do with windows,? any help as usual will be gratefully recieved
its bafaling me how to get rid of it

  hiwatt 14:51 15 Jan 2008

Super antispyware is a good program that finds stuff most of the other anti spyware's don't.Download the free version click here
Also you could try doing a system restore to before the problem began.

  Technotiger 15:57 15 Jan 2008

Do you mean MSN homepage? I don't think Hotmail has a Home page as such.

You could try re-setting your Home page in IE.

  rossgolf 16:05 15 Jan 2008

we may be looking to far into this...he/she says that its only when they go on to hotmail. so this could just be one of those anoying little popups that appear

or am i rong in the fact its only apearin on hotmail?

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