Hi-fi speakers

  john4efc66 17:57 17 Aug 2008

Is it possible to attach my hi-fi speakers to my laptop if it is what do i do/need please..

  Jim Thing 22:02 17 Aug 2008

The audio output from your laptop wouldn't be powerful enough to drive ordinary hi-fi speakers. You'd need to connect it to an amplifier and drive your speakers from that.

  Jim Thing 22:09 17 Aug 2008

Just a thought — if the AUX input of your present hi-fi amp isn't already in use you only need to connect your laptop's audio output to the AUX input of your amp and away you go.

  john4efc66 23:44 17 Aug 2008

I will try it and let you know.. cheers.

  Jim Thing 08:26 18 Aug 2008

The cable you'll need has two RCA phono connectors (normally red and white) at one end and a miniature (3.5mm diameter) stereo jack at the other. Maplin's will sell you such a cable for a fiver or less. No doubt PC World have them as well, but they're likely to be dearer. They might even have them in the larger Tesco stores.

Connect the stereo jack to your laptop's audio output via the pale green mini-jack socket (which is usually labelled LINE IN just to confuse matters) and plug the RCA connectors into the L and R AUX inputs of your amp.

Then select AUX on your amp's selector switch and your laptop's audio output will play through your hi-fi speakers.

Good luck.

  john4efc66 11:23 18 Aug 2008

I did what you said and it worked ha im chuffed cheers, the output is low but its loud enough.. thanks again


  Jim Thing 11:33 18 Aug 2008

You're welcome. Glad you got it sorted.

  Jim Thing 12:03 18 Aug 2008

The output level should be controllable in two different ways:
1. Via the volume control on your amp;
2. Via the volume control on your laptop's soundcard.

For No. 2, proceed as follows (assuming that your operating system is Windows XP. Sorry I can't advise if you're using Vista but it will be similar I expect.):

If you have a loudpeaker icon in the bottom R/H corner of your screen near the clock, right-click on it and then left-click on Open Volume Control in the two-item menu that appears. You should then see several volume-control sliders, Check that the Master Volume and Line Volume sliders are well up towards the top.

If you don't see a loudspeaker icon, left click on Start > Control Panel > Sounds and Audio Devices and then on the Audio tab in the Sounds and Audio Devices Properties panel that displays. Next, in the Sound Playback section of the panel, left click on Volume and you'll see the volume-control sliders as above.

Hope this helps.

  Jim Thing 12:13 18 Aug 2008

I should have written "Check that the Master Volume and Wave sliders are well up towards the top."

  john4efc66 11:10 20 Aug 2008

Cheers for all the info i have real sound from my laptop now.. best wishes - john

  Jim Thing 13:59 20 Aug 2008

No problem.

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