Hi Fi CD Player Problem

  Solartopi 21:52 21 Nov 2007

Hi Folks,

Sorry, it's me again. My HiFi has a problem. When I put an Audio CD in, it says NO DISK. I have cleaned it with a Cleaning CD which I have used several times. But each time I put the Cleaning CD in I get the same NO DISK.

Please can anyone Help me.


  FatboySlim71 22:59 21 Nov 2007

My opinion of cleaning discs is that they are a waste of money and they don't really do a very good job. You will do FAR BETTER (if you feel competent enough) to take the cover off the CD player and clean the laser lens with some isoprop alcohol and a cotton wool bud. Isoprop alcohol is the stuff that comes in the bottle with cleaning discs.

If for example your CD player is used in a house that has smokers, then after a while it is possible for the laser lens to get an accumulation of Nicotine on it, and basically a cleaning disc will not get this off. The method I have described above will give a much more thorough cleaning. JUST REMEMBER TO UNPLUG THE CD PLAYER FROM THE ELECTRIC POINT FIRST!

Or if you don't feel competent enough then,

Have you tried putting the cleaning disc in the other side up and seeing if that makes any difference?

Also try various other cd's to see if the problem is there.

If the discs are scratched then there is a chance that the player will not recognize them and as such mention "NO DISC"

  DieSse 00:42 22 Nov 2007

It's much more likely to be faulty rather than dirty.

As a rule CD players are more expensive to repair than replace, unless it's very exotic hi-fi.

  FatboySlim71 08:36 22 Nov 2007

Thats as may be, but its worth giving it a clean first, it could save you having to buy a new player.

My cousin had a CD player that wouldn't play cd's, I took it to bits and cleaned the laser lens, and he has not had any problems since, and that was around 3 years ago!

Solartopi, how old is your hifi/CD player?

  Solartopi 18:03 22 Nov 2007

FatboySlim71, DieSse,

The last time I had this problem I went to a repair shop & told him the problem. He was so honest, he told me, "I think it needs cleaning. Go to PC World or Curries & buy a Cleaning Disc." If after that it didn't work to take it to him.

He said that if I took it to him he'd exactly do just that & charge me.

I did what he said, and saved me money.

Thanks for the advise, I will open it up and Clean it myself. Well, if I can do some upgrading to my 7 year computer & take everything out & gave it a good clean, why should I feel apprehensive about the 7 year old HiFi.

I'll keep you informed how I do


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