Hi all

  kindly 16:11 29 Apr 2007

trying to set up a friends desktop on a wireless system. The desktop has NO wireless in it.
So I have loaded a Belkin external wireless adapter and the drivers are loaded ok.
The modem router is a Netgear DG834G. They got this from AOL with the setup disc in it. After going through the setup and then disconecting the cable then trying to get the Belkin talking to the Netgear I could not do it.
Basically the Belkin is correctly installed (so the pop up said after installing the driver). After going through all the details on the setup disc for the router, that part said all was ok (doing all the passwords and such), then it was time to disconnect the link cable used to set the router up. I did this and then clicked the button for it to look for the addapter.
After a minute or so the message said no addapter could be found.
I have tried for four hours to get it working but no success. Has anyone had this problem or know of a workaround please.
Thanks for any help.

  setecio 16:27 29 Apr 2007

Have you restarted the computer,
Have you scanned for networks and detected any?

  Strawballs 16:28 29 Apr 2007
  kindly 16:46 29 Apr 2007

I have scanned for networks and it comes up with the name we gave it when setting up. I even checked to make sure the firewall was not stopping it so switched that off. The comp was restarted. Even when I uninstalled the belkin driver then reinstalled. The Belkin modual light flashes when I try to connect to the net but the netgear one does not.
I should say that this is all on the new op/system Vista.

  setecio 20:29 29 Apr 2007

Ok so you scan for the network and find it.

Do you select it, and connect to it, and enter the WPA security key (assuming you are using WPA wifi security) ?

  kindly 15:48 30 Apr 2007

Yes, when I finnished all the jobs to do on installing, I go to the screen and it has two networks there. One is the cable link that I used to set it up. The next on the list is the new wireless one I hoped to connect to.
I highlight it and click on connect, then as you say it asks for the key, I put it in the box then retype it below.
However that is when nothing happens except the message that it cannot find the wireless program in the computer and asks for me to check that the drivers have been put in right. I know they have because of the pop up when its finnished installing. (meaning the Belkin system I have just put in.) I have a netgear router myself but I have a disc that came with it that is for the router itself. The one that is with my freinds is for setting up the system with AOL in mind. It does all the checks and things.
I will try to unistall everything and start as if it was like mine with just the netgear disc and go from there. Will let you know in a couple of days. Thanks all.

  setecio 17:13 30 Apr 2007

You should have a Belkin utility icon in the bottom right of the screen and within that an ability to scan for and connect to wireless networks.

  kindly 22:13 03 May 2007

Finally I have got the syatem up and running. After trying and loosing with the setup disc from AOL I used my own disc from the netgear router I have. The Aol setup did not let me get a copy of the key produced and this is why i could not get loged onto the netgear router.
Running my disc I was able to get this and as you say setecoi this was used and connection was achieved. Thankyou all for helping and it does help because it guides us in the right direction.
By the way, did you know that Currys do not do desktop computers with wireless built in, only laptops.
Anyway thanks from me and thanks from my freind.

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