leroy1260 07:45 09 Jul 2008

I have a P4 processor with 1.24 GB RAM and speed of 2.40GHz and video memory 64 MB
DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c
Video Card name: Intel(R) 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller
Chip type: Intel(R) 82845G Graphics Controller

I want to increase my graphics to 256 or 512 MB for gaming purpose, I am not sure about which graphic card will suite my motherboard. All I know is that I have one AGP graphics slot which is brown in color and three PCI slots ..........If in case I have not provided the whole information of my system please guide to do that....
please can anybody help me with this ??

  nosharpe 09:26 09 Jul 2008

Look at this link click here tells you the differences

I had a P4 system with 4xAGP.
Upgraded it with a once top of the range card, a Geforce4 Ti4600. This is the best 4xAGP card although only 128mb.
I will be selling on ebay soon.

Sadly this system was just too dated and I replaced it recently.

  leroy1260 15:55 09 Jul 2008

But also I checked that I had a 1.24 GB DDR RAM ....

  leroy1260 14:46 10 Jul 2008

But how to know whether the system supports 4xAGP or a 8xAGP card.......

  nosharpe 14:51 10 Jul 2008

Do you know what motherboard do you have - do you have the motherboard manual? It tells you in there.

  DieSse 14:56 10 Jul 2008

If you need more information about your system free Everest will tell you loads.

click here

including the motherboard.

  leroy1260 15:05 10 Jul 2008

INTEL motherboard with ASROCK written on it...............

  Terry Brown 15:05 10 Jul 2008

You may get away with download the the extreme graphics drivers for your card click here
give it a try

  nosharpe 15:13 10 Jul 2008

You need to specify what model it is.
I suspect it is this one click here which means you have 4xAGP

  leroy1260 15:13 10 Jul 2008

but it is already there ......

  leroy1260 15:17 10 Jul 2008

yup nosharpe you are right it is the same motherboard.............

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