HG520s ADLS sync loss

  Frazzled 17:32 26 Oct 2007

Having recently gone live with Talk Talk's International 3 service, I set up my Windows XP laptop to work successfully with the supplied Huawei HG520s router both wired and wirelessly. However, when I attempt to start up my (XP Home) desktop PC (connected via cat5 cable to an ethernet port on the router), the SNR Margin immediately plummets from 15dB to 5dB or less, followed shortly afterwards by loss of ADSL sync. Sometimes the router will regain sync after several attempts, albeit at a much slower speed. Sometimes not.

Talk Talk's Technical Helpline has been unhelpful. Any ideas?

  setecio 11:57 27 Oct 2007

Well if you can borrow another adsl wireless router you might save time ... it will confirm if it is a faulty HG520 or not.

  Frazzled 18:57 27 Oct 2007

Thanks for your suggestion.

I've done some further investigation today. I decided that as the SNR margin was unaffected by turning on the power to the desktop PC (this caued the network card to be powered up and the LAN light for the router port to light up), I would step through the start-up to try and find at what point the problem arose. Starting up the desktop PC in Safe Mode, the SNR nmargin remained steady at 15dB, and I was able to log in and access web sites. So then I tried a normal start-up. Surprisingly, the SNR margin was unchanged and the line stayed up! It's been up now for 4hr50min with no loss of sync and a steady SNR margin.

So the problem appears to have gone away, but I don't know why. I'll see how it goes from now on.

  setecio 22:03 27 Oct 2007

I pointed to a faulty HG520 since I can't understand how attaching an ethernet connection would affect the SNR unless the device was faulty.

I Hope it has gone for good

  Frazzled 20:48 02 Nov 2007

An update. Following my last post, the problem returned, with the line disconnecting randomly. I decided to relocate the router and desktop PC downstairs next to the BT master socket (previously they were connected via an extension socket in the study upstairs). This appears to have done the trick, as it's now been running for 2 days with no line drops.

  Frazzled 13:45 09 Nov 2007

Final update. I've had no further problems at all with the router and desktop PC located downstairs next to the BT master socket. So, over a week with no loss of sync. All I need to do now is to relocate the desktop PC back upstairs to the study, and decide whether to run a fairly long CAT 5e cable up to the study or install a wireless LAN card in the PC.

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