Hewlett Packard 940c printer.

  the hick 17:28 26 Feb 2009

My 7-year-old printer just will not start properly, flashing orange light indicating cartridges not loaded, even brand-new ones. Does anyone know how to 'reset' these printers, have had no luck on other forums. Any advice appreciated, thank you.

  Newuser38 20:52 26 Feb 2009

I have an 930c. The manual says that cure for ALL the lights flashing may be a reset.

1,Turn off the printer using the power button and turn it on again.
2 If this does not work turn of the power using the power button
3 unplug the printer.
4 plug the printer back in
5 Use the power button to turn it back on.

Hope thats some help Not sure how close the 930 and 940 are.

I assume you have checked if the arrow on the print cartridge cradle lines up with one of the cartridge status icons when you open the printers top cover while the light continues to flash.This indicates the problem site.
The light stops flashing when you open the cover if it is a low ink problem.

  Taff™ 13:23 27 Feb 2009

The 940C one of my friends has also flashes on start up. Pressing the orange button simply pulls one sheet through the printer and then the flashing stops and all is well. Irritating! Does this work for you?

  Newuser38 14:36 01 Mar 2009

Did you fix it. If so please tell us how so as to help others,if not tell us what happened.

  the hick 18:38 01 Mar 2009

No joy as yet. When cover is opened, on the print cartridge cradle, the arrow lines up with the colour cartridge in the 'sad face' position, indicates fault, but its new. I took printer to local shop, tried brand-new HP cartridges, still flashing left hand light,same fault, centre light off. Most perplexing.

  Newuser38 21:10 01 Mar 2009

When the new cartridge is put in does the printer software print a calibration page when you close the cover?

  Marko797 10:13 02 Mar 2009

if you're still not resolved. I had a problem with my old 940C (which is still going strong) and used their tech chat line. Very helpful and solved my problem, which turned out to be a duff cartridge. click here

  the hick 18:32 02 Mar 2009

Newuser38, no calibration page, but I think the 940 never did, that function is on the toolbox.

Marko797, thankyou for the link, must give it a try.

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