Heuristic Dialler

  Ade_1 10:56 26 Oct 2006

Hi, I was on the internet yesterday and a box appeared asking me to connect to my broadband, it happened again today it also happened when I took out my USB Wireless Adaptor and opened up FF. Anyway here is a screenshot of it - click here

A2 picked it up as a Heuristic Dialler, its scanning as I speak. I had a look at their description of it and it doesnt seem too malicious - click here

However I have no idea where it has come from.

Anyway I wondered if anyone had any more info regarding how malicious it is etc...

Thanks in advance


  johnnyrocker 10:59 26 Oct 2006

click here= for further info, if you have broadband then it is not a problem unless on board modem is also connected, besr bet get rid to be safest.


  Technotiger 11:01 26 Oct 2006

Hi, malicious or not, any uninvited guest/s should always be got rid of soonest.


  Gongoozler 11:02 26 Oct 2006

Hi Ade_1. The fact that the dialler was detected as Heuristic means that A2 doesn't recognize the actual program but that it was behaving like malicious code. If you are on broadband with no dial-up modem connected, then you have nothing to worry about. If you do have a dial-up modem then AntiDialler should look after dialler malware click here.

  jack 11:03 26 Oct 2006

Guessing of course - because I have never seen the like before but
I think it may be something to do with computers talking to each other such as the remote help facility
You may have such a device inadvertently switched on.
Go to My computer -Help and look at remote accessing and the other facilities offered therein

  Ade_1 11:03 26 Oct 2006

Thanks. Like I say I am currently runnign a2 so it should delete it when its finished scanning.

And yes, im on broadband. I have never actually used my modem port once on my computer, then again it isnt too old...


  Ade_1 11:10 26 Oct 2006

Just a quick update I decided to click the little plus sign next to it whilst it is scanning and it is stored in the following directory -

C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSBin\Sims2.exe

I forgot I had The Sims 2 installed on my computer...

Anyway, thats where its stored. Dont know if thats of any interest to anyone.


  Ade_1 11:56 26 Oct 2006

a2 has deleted it.

  Ade_1 12:38 26 Oct 2006

It is still appearing after a2 had deleted it. It appears on IE and FF, the IE one looks like the following - click here

Although I believe I have worked out what it is...

I was trying to setup my mail account on Outlook Express yesterday (when I first noticed the problem)

I went to properties on my account and selected Connection and told it that I connected to a broadband connection however when doing this I didnt realise that it was a dialup service. I then had a dialup connection dialogue box asking me to dialup to the dialup connection I had acidentally created.

After the window kept appearing on my browsers when there was no internet connection I wondered if it was to do with the above ^. Therefore I checked to see what was in netwotk connections. I went into Network Connections only to find that there was a brand new connection named - "Broadband Connection" which is what the dialogue box wanted me to dialup to on Outlook Express and IE.

Please view the screenshot -
click here

So I believe that, that is my problem. Therefore I need to delete the "Broadband Connection" Dialup connection.


  Ade_1 12:40 26 Oct 2006

I have solved it, after deleting that connection I no longer have a window appearing asking me to dial up to a broadband connection.

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