Help.....W32.Sobig.F and W32.Sobig.F.Dam virus

  Jonah1000 20:06 05 Sep 2003

I've just realised that I have both virus' on my PC. Checking the activity log of Norton Antivirus it states that 'Access to file has been denied' to both. Does this mean they cannot be removed or no longer exist. I have scanned my pc and no virus is found, I have also ran a removal tool for W32.Sobig.F nothing was found. Any advice greatly accepted.

  Cyclone 20:59 05 Sep 2003

How do you know that you have the viruses if they are not being picked up by a scan? Have you the latest definitions loaded?

  harry_b 21:09 05 Sep 2003

You should look in quarantine to be sure, and check the nav options under "auto protect" - "how to respond when a virus is found" you probably have this set to "deny access to the infected file".

  VoG II 21:10 05 Sep 2003

They may be in System Restore files. Disable System Restore, run Norton to be sure, then re-enable System restore. click here

  Jonah1000 21:23 05 Sep 2003

The Deny Access is not checked.And I have Disabled that System Restore and Scan with the updated Norton Antivirus. Is it safe to assume that these virus' ore no lomger on my pc. I accidently tried to open an attachment that was the w32.sobig.f.dam virus and was warned about it, but norton could not repair it. I checked the activity log and found that access was denied and spotted the w32.sobig.f.dam was the same which i was totally unware of.

  Jonah1000 21:29 05 Sep 2003

I also checked this out, and asume that the W32.Sobig.F virus is no longer on my pc:

Click Start, and then click Run. (The Run dialog box appears.)
Type regedit

Then click OK. (The Registry Editor opens.)

Navigate to the key:


In the right pane, delete the value:

"TrayX"="%Windir%\winppr32.exe /sinc"

Navigate to the key:


In the right pane, delete the value:

"TrayX"="%Windir%\winppr32.exe /sinc"

Exit the Registry Editor.
Got this from here [email protected]" title="[email protected]" TARGET="_new">click here

  Jonah1000 21:31 05 Sep 2003


there was no Tray X in the registery

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