Help!...synTPexe.....???? what does it all mean

  know_nowt 21:04 05 Mar 2009

hi guys! i am here again to pick your wonderful brains... i have comodo firewall, and every time i try and use the mouse pad scroll my laptop comodo pops up saying synTPexe... and everything freezes for about five mintues. what does this mean and what can i do???

  MAJ 21:18 05 Mar 2009

If you mean "syntpenh.exe" then that's Synaptics touchpad tray icon. If you mean anything else then run scans with your updated antimalware software. I recommend using Mbam click here and Superantispyware. click here they're both free.

  Sea Urchin 21:22 05 Mar 2009

I would agree with MAJ - it almost certainly looks like spyware

  know_nowt 21:24 05 Mar 2009

"SynTPHelper.exe is trying to access firefox.exe in memory" i have superantispyware :) will running a quick scan rectify it?

  know_nowt 21:25 05 Mar 2009

deep or quick? :)

  MAJ 21:34 05 Mar 2009

SynTPHelper.exe seems to be okay, know_nowt, it's probably trying to check for driver updates for your touchpad. If the touchpad is working okay, deny it access and tell Comodo to remember the setting, it shouldn't then try to connect again. To be safe, run a deep scan with both Mbam and SAS.

  know_nowt 21:42 05 Mar 2009

thanks Maj!! as soon as it comes up, i cant actually click on anything the mouse freezes completely it only unfreezes when the comodo pop up goes away. i'll try the deep scan and hope that sorts it out.. its doing my head in!! :) thanks for your help i'll try the scan now. Nat

  know_nowt 22:27 05 Mar 2009

i have run the scan and its still happening :( could someone tell me how i can block on the comodo pop up using the keyboard instead of the mouse...? as the keys are working, its only the mouse it freezes... any help much appreciated!

  know_nowt 09:53 06 Mar 2009

please...can anyone shed any light on this? :(

  MAJ 12:08 06 Mar 2009

Try uninstalling Comodo, know_nowt, see if the problem still occurs.

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